Housing Revamp: A Bit of Weekend DIY

this Sunday morning I found myself looking after baby dwarf, who was mostly playing happily so I thought I would have a bit of a revamp of my deluxe Thorins hall house. I had recently finished the third book of the Volume 3 Epic story, and decided I would try to incorporate the new ‘Gondor’ style into my designs.

Firstly I had to try to work out where they would go, and immediately decided on the back wall for the tapestry as it is the first thin you see when you enter, and looks good lit by the fire. I was then left with the rug and table that were already in there, and noticed how well the red and yellows, pick out the reds and yellows in the tapestry, so that instantly gave me two colours. The final one was going to be black, as the base colour of both the tapestry and the lamp is black. I tried a variety of wall and floor skins, but decided actually the default had a suitable austere stone appearance, fitting of the heritage of Numenor. the floor I turned black, the walls gold. I then saw a ‘red elven box’ in my house chest, and thought it was worth a try as the colour was right, and bingo it looked great! I then thought that the red scholars bookshelves, and the heraldic painting, and the elven furnace which would reflect the gold, red, and black motif further. It was then just a case of finding a few extras to fill in the gaps, and a few crafted dwarf lamps to brighten the place up.

I am quite pleased with the results. The side rooms are still a work in progress, and there are still a few tweaks I want to do to the main room, when I get some more time, but overall I think the theme works quite well!


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