Heroes of Eriador Birthday Event

A little Elgalandir and Azbarak in the North Downs

Three years ago Emma and I started playing LOTRO around April/May time on the recommendation of our friend Mike (the ugly one on the right of the header bar above). I have been a Tolkien fan since I read the Hobbit aged 8, and Emma soon became a fan when I made her read LOTR before going to see the films (I had to really!). It was our first MMO and, to be honest, Emma’s first real computer game since the Mega Drive.  We had a great summer exploring Middle-Earth, we liked it so much we did Bree, then the Shire, the Ered Luin, and by the end we were in our 20s and getting virtually no XP from quests, but we didn’t really care. It was about the adventure, and that’s a philosophy that has stuck with us since. Towards the end of Summer we started to take thought to joining a kinship, as it seemed that as we got further on in the game, this would be pretty essential. Our friend Mike had recently joined Heroes of Eriador (Eldar Server), but I had a good look around as they were not active recruiters at the time, and we wanted to make sure we found a kin that fits as there are so many focuses to the game, that if we ended up in a heavy PvP or Raiding kin we probably would not have lasted long. As it turned out, they seemed like just what we were looking for, they raided, but for the most part were about having fun as a group, and were always happy to help anyone stuck with an instance.

On the 19th May it was Heroes of Eriador 4th birthday. So on Sunday 15th May we decided to hold a party to celebrate (it was less grindy than Turbines too :D). It was strange to look back over what is quite a period of time, and to be honest some great friends I have met in-game, some from back when we joined three years ago, and some we have only really met recently. We have friends and players from all over Europe, reflecting a diversity of culture, and yet a common love of LOTRO, with any luck and time zones allowing, we’ll be able to add yet more countries to the mix soon. That is the beauty of Heroes of Eriador, we have had many leaders, and many officers (I was one myself for a time)  and many different people and motivations in the kin; a real old mongrel bunch. Yet the philosophy remains; it’s all about playing a game we love together.

The whole event had been Organised by one of our Officers Feleg (A nicer chap you’ll not meet), with a some assistance from other officers and kinnies, and some very generous donations from them too. We had about 50 gold and several sealed relic settings amongst other things at the last count I think, but even now after the event donations have come in from ex-members. If nothing else, I think speaks of who and what HoE is.

Heroes gathering around the Boar fountain and the usual shenanigans begin to unfold!

The First evenings events were to all meet up at the Boar fountain in Bree, it was a fairly flexible event and people came and went all evening. we had a decent turnout (these sorts of things are not to everybodys taste). We very swiftly moved on to the Prancing Pony for a few beers and a kin discussion. To be honest it was mostly just fun and photographs, we have 2 raid night a week which people seem mostly happy with, and Myself and Feleg are going to be starting an Instance evening on Sunday night, just as an opportunity to group up and have some fun.

Here is a slideshow of Pics of some of the HoE beer lords and ladies in action!

Then we moved on to the kinhouse for some fireworks, and a quiz! The fireworks were actually awesome, sadly our screen shots really don’t do them justice, and as you can see a mix of beer and the watcher yard trophy didn’t end well for some! Finally our quiz master Feleg held a 25 question quiz on a mix of Tolkien, and LOTRO, which Adam was lucky enough to win, and Emma came 4th.  In her defence,  Baby Dwarf decided to get grumpy half way through so she missed some questions out. Adam would also like to point out there were two questions about Champions, particularly their relationship to minstrels, which he refused to answer sensibly. So between us we got a butt load of cash. Emma was also very lucky in that one of our Officers and kinmates who finished second in the quiz  was incredibly kind enough to donate his prize to her (and it was a butt load of gold too!) as she doesn’t get on as much as she’d like these days and he wanted to give her a helping hand. Thank you Val, it is very much appreciated.

During the quiz and afterwards, there was also a spar contest going on… To be brutally honest, I’m not sure who the heck won it.I  was busy messing about, taking pictures, and answering questions, but there was a lot of ‘whacks’ and ‘aaarghhhh’ noises, so I assume those folks had fun too, and somebody beat everyone else up!

Next up was a 24 man raid in the Ettenmoors which unfortunately we weren’t able to attend as Baby Dwarf needed a bath, and bedtime (yes we dwarves do wash!). From all accounts everyone had a lot of fun, and the creeps must have wondered what was going on, on a quiet Sunday night! By the sounds of things though, the creeps soon grouped themselves up and retaliated, and a tough fight was had.

The Beer Starts to flow in the Pony

When we returned later on, we decided to end the evening on  a lighthearted and fun note, so we all reassembled in the Prancing Pony again for beer. This time it got a bit sillier, and Azbarak went to put a dress on, and a few of us all went and got silly haircuts for the evening. I sported a very fine handle bar and bald spot.. not my best look I’ll concede!

Alcohol induced haircuts... not a good idea!

Finally we moved of to the Tag grounds in the Bree fields, near the festival grounds. Now if you have never played the tag game there it is a lot of fun, but with that many players, it is very hard for the person who is ‘IT’, so we decided to let them use a horse after a few minutes of trying. Of course there are always a few spoil sports who ride the horse when being chased too, but by that time the beer had stopped any one caring too much anyways!

So a final thank you to Feleg for organising the evening, to all our donators for providing prizes, for all the Officers and Leaders; past and present, and finally to all the Heroes themselves that make our kin a great one to have fun in!

So this is a little late in being posted thanks to having to reinstall windows, but better late that never! Apologies to all kinmates who have been waiting for the pictures (imagine it was the old days and they were being developed :D).

Adam and Emma


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  1. Adam & Emma, thanks this is a lovely write up and collection of pics that capture the spirit of the evening well. Already can’t wait for no. 5!!!

    Rich / Feleg ( /blush )

  2. PS the pic of (I think) Emma hanging upside down reminds me of our first Watcher runs sooo much 🙂

  3. Awsome job Adam and Emma, really nice screens! Love my coquette hair stile on tag 😀

  4. ahah thank you very much Adam and Emma, this is fantastic! 🙂 It was spectacular to see so many peeps turn up 🙂

  5. What? “We had alot of leaders and officers…” Why did you not bring out the best? And yes, of course that is the guy with the Founder title! 😛

    • Ha ha, you say that Eri, actually, I invited both you and mike on facebook, and reminded you twice and you never showed up. We tried to bring out the best, but they were busy washing their hair!

  6. I think they were in a galaxy far, far away 🙂

  7. Heh, remind me this year, and ill come 🙂 i can’t spar or anything as im lower level than you 😛 but yeah, ill come. got lotro updated and all now! And you know, washing my feet-hair is rather important! But this year i will do it one week before birthday! promise!

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