EU Servers are Live… that went well… we think?

Well the nice surprise of the day is that the EU servers are live already!

There are however, a few issues.

  • Many people are reporting their friends list being empty
  • The two new instances Inn of the Forsaken, and Halls of night, seem to be unavailable, though this is currently clearing up
  • A few people have reported still not getting their turbine points, and some items/mounts, indeed some people have received their Turbine points, only to have them deducted again.

Turbine have communicated on the Forums and Twitter that they are aware of these issues, and are continuously working on them, so I wouldn’t panic, I’m sure they will get to these soon, but if you are in no rush to log on, then waiting a day or so, would probably be the simplest route.

Opinion Time:

All in all I’m pretty impressed by the speed, and general smoothness, and efficiency of the move, though I must say they communication has been pretty poor. They seem to be operating on the assumption that people are following Twitter, and the forums, but I personally know several people who are not.

I also find the lack of an official read through guide totally bewildering. Yes the process seems fairly straight forward, but some of us like to read instructions first, and when the process hangs it’s a bit difficult to know what to do next! Myself and some other players have made an attempt to provide a guide (and judging by our hits today from google searches it was wanted), but this is something Turbine should have had. Sent with the first email, and online to read too. In addition an If/Buts/Maybes type of FAQ for possible issues, errors, even hints like when it says ‘down for maintenance’, it isn’t; just try again, would have been much appreciated.

For myself it was no issue, but many friends and kinmates have been very unsure about the whole process, and I suspect a good few customers will disappear due to being unaware of what to do. That said, there are enough of us given the hundreds of level 1-15 characters running round the Landroval server today with kin names like ‘Euro Exiles’ etc, so I’m sure they won’t miss a few!

But all in all it seems to be a decent job, so thanks for you efforts Turbine team, it can’t have been an easy or relaxing process.

We are here, and we are live… now we just got to iron out the wrinkles!

Thanks for Reading



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  1. Congrats on making it though at least this part of the transition. I am so glad there isn’t a separation between EU and US servers any longer.

    As a player in the US I am actually eager to roll up a new guy on one of the RP enforced servers just to see what it will be like.

    • Yes, I think a lot of people are quite excited about all being one big hub finally!

      We have a character on Landroval, so I wil add Atheor to my friends list and maybe say Hi if I catch you on!


  2. All seems to have gone pretty well for me – TPs took a while and the 500 I *think* I should have received for becoming a VIP when I migrated haven’t appeared yet, but apart from that it’s been smooth. I know some folks worried that playing on US servers would introduce some lag, but I play other online games on US servers and don’t have lag and LOTRO has been fine too (the worst ones I’ve played on are in Hong Kong when I’ve been playing for Left 4 Dead… oy vey!)

    Other then that I had some trouble with the Isengard pre-order last night, but that was down to a badly worded/explained unlocking process rather than any server issues.

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