European Account Migration: How To

So the rush across the seas has started, and already we broke their t’internets guys. Good job all; that took team work!

We took the risk ourselves after some positive early reports, and already have all three of our accounts safe and sound stateside with all our points, perks, and lifetime subscription.

For those of you that haven’t yet done it, here is a rough run down of what to do.

Step One: Where do I go?

Firstly you need to follow the link you will receive in an email, that will pop up when you launch your game client, or alternately you can just head here:

Step Two: Migrating your Information

It is pointless me going through that in too much detail, but you will need to click the ‘migrate now button, and follow the steps. It will ask for your Codemasters ‘COG accounts’ name and password (the one you log in with currently) and a new ‘Turbine account’ name and password, which you will log in with from now on. They can be the same, but be aware they may have already have been used so you may need to pick a new username.

At this point I’d advise you all to pick good, secure usernames and passwords and keep them secret. preferably a combination of lower and Upper case letters, at least 1 number and a symbol, like @#> or something. No one wants their account hacked and stripped of all their items.

If there are any crashes or glitches at this point it is worth checking try to log in with your new details, the volume of people being processed seems to be causing some problems, but often the data IS going through fine even if a following confirmation screen comes up. If you can log in, it worked fine.

Step Three: Billing and Checking you account

If your username and password are accepted it will take you to the page, and at the top right it should say ‘welcome, *yournewusername*’. It should be on the ‘payment method’ page, asking you for new details to renew your subscription, or continue it. We had problems putting our card details in here, and a few others seem to have done too, so it may be worth giving turbine a call on the numbers provided, or emailing if you have an issue, though there are a few pointers to try here first.

As we have lifetime accounts, this was not an issue as we can use alternate methods such as paypal to pay for any points in the lotro store, and do not need a card for recurring payments, but currently credit cards, and game time cards seems to be the only methods of VIP subscription payment.

This is also the place where you can take advantage of the 12 month reduced subscription plan, should you so wish.

Remember that your old subscription as of 31 May 2011 was frozen at this date, and will now renew and continue from this point, so you haven’t lost any time, nor any of the downtime in-between. In addition, Turbine a throwing a extra 14 days free onto the end of your current subscription as a welcome gift, I think this is appropriate, and a good gesture on their part so kudos.

If you click on the ‘home tab on this page, it should tell you your current subscription, and any perks you are due; in the lower right; pre-order special offer bonuses etc. If you are a lifetimer, it should say EU lifetime subscription, so check these details carefully!

Step Four: The Client and Logging In!

Regardless of whether or not you get your payment details added, as long as you have game time remaining , and you can log into the page, you should now be able to log in-game. If you open your current client (depending on which method you took it may open for you and start this) it should begin to patch itself up, again when prompted by the client it is now you new username and password. Teh will be two lots of patching, an initial fairly quick one which I assume is updating to the current live US client, and a larger one after log in with a new account, which I assume is the Update Three: Lost Legends of Eriador data.

When this is done you can enter the American servers (so un-tick your previously entered server), at some point on Friday/Saturday the European Servers will go live too, and we can re-enter those, but for the time being time to try those starter areas out again. We have rolled some more dwarves on Landroval, so see you guys there!

Step Five: Where are my points?

Please be aware, that currently the Turbine points and perks linked to your account may not be there when you first log in. When I logged in a new character on an american server last night I did actually have my perks- free goat, hope candles, mouse, pocket horseshoe, harbingers cloak etc, but in the store my Turbine points said 0.

Now when I checked and added my details to see the status, it was still pending. this morning however, the status now says complete, and sure enough, when I logged in all my points were there, so don’t panic if they are not there immediately.

One last thing…

  • If any of you are having any trouble, I would strongly advise contacting Turbine themselves.
  • There is also a good guide here:
  • Remember, the EU servers wont appear until probably the weekend, so for now even if you do all this, you will only be able to create new characters on other servers.
  • Dont forget if you want to know if you have been fully transferred to check the left column here:
  • If you use plugins and they are broken- did you change your account name? If so then you will have to rename the folder/s in: Documents/The Lord of The Rings Online/PluginData from your old log in name to your new one, nothing else should be nessecary, and they should then work fine!

Have fun, and see you in Middle-Earth!



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  1. thanks for posting this guide. i had missed the fact that you could check your migration status on the transfer page (doh!

  2. I have already written an e-mail for the support but My character is still missing!
    I had on Snowbourn server character name was Martolle
    i tried this site
    but it said “Your Account does not need migration”
    What can I do or Do i have to wait or something? thanks


    • I removed your account name from you rcomment Tibor- you should never give away this information, or your password!

      That does indeed sound odd, If I were you, I would wait for a reply from Turbine. It may be that your account has already migrated, or perhaps something wrong with their system, I’m not sure. I have not come across this problem with any friends or kinmates yet so I don’t think I can help any further.

      Definately keep in touch with Turbine as they can help you best.

      thank you for commenting

      • thank you!
        i wanted to deleted my comment and write a new one but i could not :/
        i got an email from them but they shows this and similary sites :/ i wrote again maybe i will get better answer.

        “Your Account does not need migration”
        means i have to do nothing? only wait to they fix the problems?!

        thx again!

      • I think it is a little crazy that they as a company are relying on player created guides like ours. The site has had some heavy use over the last few days, and I’m sure we are not the only one, so there was clearly an obvious need for a Turbine guide. We have done our best, but we are no IT experts.

        It sounds like they are sorting something out, I would try to log in, and if that doesn’t work, keep emailing them until you get a proper reply. They may be busy with many proplems at the moment, but as they fix them they need to start sorting all their customers out- after all they did this, not us!

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