Dwarf of the Month

Izbarak in Thorins Hall

Sorry to all who were expecting this post yesterday as originally promised, as we have been getting a little behind with the blog, what with the EU server migrations.

Thanks to all who have sent us in your screenshots of all things Dwarf – there were more to look through than we expected, and we had a great time perusing them all. All we can say is that the LOTRO community has some very gifted photographers out there with a great eye for screenshots, and seeing them all have made us much more conscious about looking for screenshots when we play. There was a tricky time last week when the Khazad Guard were searching for bodies of lost Dwarfs in the Foundations of Stone, when Emma forgot to heal as she was taking so many action shots, and Adam had a close shave soloing Gwathnor (of the Cloak of Shadow and Flame fame) as he was too busy snapping away.

There was such a good response to our little Dwarf of the Month slot that we found it difficult to choose just one screenshot, so we picked out a few of each for your viewing pleasure!

Firstly this Great Shot across Thorins Gate from our friend Bor of Gondor Awaits.

Secondly this very smart-looking picture of Branli Orecrusher, sent in by Branli. A whole host of character in this one!

And last… but by no means least these two awesome shots, we struggled to pick a favourite between us, so we put in two. Sent in by Tigerberry. These are some dramatic shots of the very distinct and dramatic architecture of the Great Hall of Durin in Moria, some really cools pictures here.

You can find all of these sets and artists in the LOTRO screens shots group on Flickr, I would recommend checking them all, and the other artists in the group out as there is some amazing work there! So head over and see for yourself.


On a final note we are going to change-up what we do with screen shots, so well put out a post announcing how we are going to proceed in future, but most probably we’ll pick a featured screen shot from the LOTRO group similar to CSTM and Gondor Awaits are doing, but we might supplement it a little, but well see!

Thanks for looking

Adam and Emma


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