Belated Weatherstock Thanks

The event has had a host of coverage on the internet, and a host of pictures in the flickr group, so I don’ want to overegg the pudding, but if you do want to check it our some more, then head over to CSTM’s wrap up which has plenty of links to follow. However, we did want to put out a somewhat belated thank you for all the individuals involved, especially Harparella and the Lonely mountain band, for organising a running the show, which was absolutely superb, and enjoyed by many!

Secondly all the bands for the enormous effort it must take to get them there, and the players for coming. There seemed to be such a lot of people from the old EU servers, and other US servers here this year too. I heard shout outs from almost every server at some point. It really felt like a proper community bonding event which was brilliant, especially as there has been such a lot negative attitudes on both forums from what I assume is the usual vocal minority assuming they speak for the majority. Weatherstock, proved them wrong; big time. There were the inevitable few idiots there riding in on horses to the stage, and playing their own cow bells etc, but to be fair given it is not a wholly RP server, very little poor behaviour. Other games, and even other servers on LOTRO, there would almost certainly have been some people turning up just to spoil other people’s evenings with spammed forced emoted, and other such nonsense. Most silly behaviour stopped very soon after it started, perhaps an innocent mistake, perhaps the cumulative grumpiness of 600+ players, or perhaps just lag, but either way, there was remarkably little and it only lasted a few seconds if it started, which is a great indicator of the quality of the LOTRO community!

I certainly clocked over 650 players at one point; hunters and champions were maxed out at 100, and my PC crashed before I could filter them and get an exact number. Thank fully the awesome folks at a Casual Stroll to Mordor were streaming it on Middle Earth Network Radio, and for her early exploits during this Goldenstar won the prestigious Khazad Guard Pro-Mic stand award… the cheque is in the post honest. This meant after my PC crash we were able to log into Eldar and duo Carn Dum on my Rune Keeper and Emmas Champion, whilst still listening to the bands, then after we had killed Helchy, and Azgoth and got all our keys and the slime, we logged back in Landroval for the last few bands.

I have to say the variety was immense, Particular highlights for me were the Shades, because their particular haunting melancholic folks style really appeals, the Blackheart Pirates, because seeing pirates play Weathertop in a sunset is awesome,, and the Ingolemo Experience, who were the perfect band to finish the event, because thought they did modern covers, they really got the party pumping!

It is a very surreal experience going to an event like this, such a large volume of people virtually, but incredibly good fun. Here is a small slideshow of some of our pics from the event, and the column back to bree afterwards!


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  1. I’m a pro mic stand! Woo! 😀

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