Khazad Guard News Roundup

I’ve just realised that its been a while since I’ve written a post, real life has been a bit hectic recently, but things are settling down nicely now. We had been on a bit of a craft-athon in real life, making a few bits for a re-enactment fair and trying to get a little holiday money together. Thats done now, and Baby Dwarf has obliged by sleeping through again (he’s just had his jabs, perhaps that’s what to thank) so we’ve had a little time to ourselves to sit down ad have a bit of a sort out on LoTRO.

We’ve decided to put levelling the Loremasters Feaglin and Fearien on hold for the time being while we refine our other Duos, Ganin and Azaghar of the Khazad Guard, and our first characters, Elgalandir and Azbarak, who are in our other kin. This is to make sure that they are both ready to explore all the new regions with the Rise of Isengard, which we have already preordered.

Ganin and Az fighting Giants in Enedwaith

Ganin and Az can safely say they have completed Enedwaith (well, as far as its possible as a duo) having done all of the quests, even duoing the Thrors Coombe small fellowship repeatable quest chains, smacking Giants and Gwiber. We did the whole chain once, and completed the epic book ready for Isenguard, and are now just in the last stages of grinding rep with the Algraig and the Grey Company, being well into ally with both. We’ve also been duoing the Halls of Night instance, setting it on 40 and just going nuts in there. All we want are the tokens, for the lovely new bits of jewellery, we can easily skirmish to get the required skirmish marks.

Having noticed that we are not far away from getting the World Renowned horse, at worse being half way through friend status with some of the factions, weve been having a little rep grind, easy on a Champ/RK duo. Last night saw us in the orc camps of Mallenhad in Angmar, a great place to mop up some Rangers of Esteldin rep. In about an hour we got around 120 Orc campaign medallions and 70 War Masters lashes. Another small run and we’ll be kindred for sure.

Elgalandir and Azbarak, our Champ/Tank duo have finally started Enedwaith and are ploughing through the Epic Book. They’ve been at level cap for what seems like forever, but have for the most part been untouched since Baby Dwarf was born. Adam has done some kin runs on Elgalandir, North Cotton Farms and Ost Dunhoth and the like, and a night of grinding Skirmish Marks, mainly when I was too tired to play. That means that Adam has some of the nice end game jewellery, but Azbarak is still in the Aureate/Malledhrim rep jewellery. While its nice, it’s no longer the best, and Azbarak could do with a little work to catch up. I’m kind of shying away from this at the minute just because while I love Azbarak and Tanking, it just seems really slow after playing a Champ.

Anlafski, Izbaruk and Haki in Mirkwood

Anlafski, Izbaruk and Haki in Mirkwood

The original Guard trio, Izbaruk, Haki and Anlafski are on their way to cap getting to 62. We’ve been having a sporadic play for a few hours a week, working through the Epic books, and are now blasting their way through Mirkwood. We have been a bit completionist in the past as we’ve worked our way through the zones, so we took our time getting to Mirkwood, but are now on track. The plan is to get to cap, get the book done, then Anlafki, a tank can move on to play with Ganin and Az, and Forrest, the Hunter, can join Izbaruk and Haki ready for Isengard.

If that wasn’t enough, Adam has offered to help level my Captain Barandis, who’s currently 49. She needs to be ready to explore her homeland of the Westfold with Eodraed (Adams Cappy) her brother. Rather than simply levelling Barandis, which would be quicker but leave me with worrying gaps of knowledge of how to actually play a captain for myself, he is blitzing through levelling Gilforniel, my other champ, who was 36, but is now 43. His plan is to level up Gilforniel (we have both already levelled a champ to cap and so know how to play the class) to the same level as Barandis, then we can do Moria together. Luckily Barandis is on our other Account. That way I get Barandis levelled, while actually playing her and learning the class, as well as another alt higher up, who can then move on and play with Tyri, Adams Hunter. Gilforniel and Tyri originally levelled together, and are keen to get re-aquanied.

Dralli, Haki and Hain on Weathertop









Adam and a friend of ours on a F2P account are having a weekly session levelling a Champ/RK dwarf duo, Hain and Dralli. As they are both red-haired, Haki has adopted them as his twin sons. Having earned enough Turbine Points, Dralli has purchased Evendim, and at 29,  they are both set to explore there. In the meantime, I have started to level my Dwarf hunter Fluzi. Thanks to pre-purchasing Isengard and slotting the 25% extra XP rune, it isn’t taking long. I’ve got to 22 and the Forsaken Inn fairly quickly, given that I only play Fluzi when Baby Dwarf has his mid morning nap.

So, as you can see, the Guard are having a busy time of it at the minute. Hope to keep you posted! Emma

Fluzi rides through Ered Luin


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  1. Blimey, you guys keep busy! I myself have let my LOTRO subscription lapse and won’t be renewing until ROI.

    Oh and full marks for having a alt called “Fluzi”

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