A Tale of Three Horses

As we’ve mentioned in some of our previous posts, we have been working on trying to get the Eriador steed, for completing the World Renowned deed on two of our characters; Izbaruk and Haki. For this you have to become kindred with all reputation factions in Eriador, except the Eldgang of the Rift. WE have however, slowly expanded that to try and get it on Ganin and Azaghar, our Dwarf Champion and Rune-keeper duo, and have even been working on Elgalandir and Azbarak. Last week we had a break through, as Ganin and Azaghar got kindred with the Algraig in Enedwaith, leaving us with the Elves of Rivendell and the Grey Company still to get on those two.

Apart from a few skirmishes in the Ford of Bruinen for the Elf reputation, we decided to speed things up a little on these two, and resorted to the Auction Hall, buying Elvish Relics, giving 700 reputation each. Azaghar got there first and on reaching kindred, was awarded the Elf Ambassadors Horse. Ganin followed a day later (after a very lucky purchase on the AH), although when I went to hand in the reputation in Rivendell, I must admit that I had forgotten all about the Elf Lords Horse, so that was a nice surprise!

Ganin on his Elf Lord's Pony

We’ve been spending every night this week running the repeatable quests in Enedwaith which give Grey company reputation – one at Saerdan, and three others in Echad Dagoras, which was definately starting to become a grind. The quests in themselves weren’t difficult (although dousing the torches inside the Black Dens could be tricky when running into several of the 20 thousand health ‘Shadow of the Eye’ wolves at once. We were certainly getting a little fed up of running them. Last night after completing these quests we looked and were still a few quests away from Kindred with the Grey Company, meaning another night of running them. With our remaining play time we decided to get a few deeds done in Enedwaith – Half orcs and Wolves. We were about even on how many we needed to get to complete the deed, with Ganin being just a few wolves and half-orcs ahead. We did Half-Orcs first, then once done, we headed back to Echad Dagoras and the Black Dens to finish off the Wolf Slayer. We were only about 20 wolves away from completing it, so knew it wouldn’t take us very long. Ganin was six wolves ahead, and on killing the last one, without expecting it, noticed the Steed of Eriador had appeared in my inventory, along with 80 Turbine Points for competing the deed. It came as a complete shock! While we were aware that completing certain deeds gives reputation, we hadn’t factored it into our rep earning, though we seemed to get a decent amount, and these two deeds were enough to tip us over the edge. Azaghar followed close behind, so both of us are now World Renowned, our first characters to achieve it.

Ganin on the Steed of Eriador

We were really pleased, having finally earned the Elf Ambassadors horse, and then the Steed of Eriador a day earlier than expected, two of our goals met, as well as some welcome Legendary Item XP runes for completing the two deeds. We were particularly happy to see that the Steed of Eriador matches the Khazad Guard uniform, being white with red, brown and gold accents and flag, although that does mean that we will probably have to get it on all our Khazad Guard members.

If that wasn’t enough, Ganin decided to go for the hat-trick – he visited the Grey Company rewards barter NPC back at Echad Dagoras and traded in 20 of the Gold Tokens of the Wilds (The Enedwaith quest reward barter tokens) to get the prized Grey Company steed, a very attractive yet much more work-a-day horse than the blingy World Renowned one.

Ganin on the Grey Company Horse, and Azaghar on the Steed of Eriador

I’ve yet to decide whether or not to get the Algraig horse from the vendor at Lhunach, which also costs 20 Gold Tokens. I really like it, being sandy coloured with little tribal motifs, but I just don’t think its very Dwarvish. I will perhaps wait until Barandis hits Enedwaith and maybe get it then – it seems fitting for a lady of Rohan to have a fine collection of horses.

Happy Horse shopping!



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