Some of my current cosmetic outfits!

I have had a few nice comment about some of the cosmetic outfits on our Flickr acount, and also in game, so I thought I would take a few quick shots showing some of my current cosmetic outfits on a few of my characters, and occasaionally post them, as a bit of fun!

First up is my Rune-keeper Azaghar. He is a member of the Khazad Guard so is usually in the regimental casual uniform, but when he is on his own, or incognito, he has a fun little outfit I knocked together. This outfit consists of loose (or pliant for the critical version) elven explorers leggings, armour, gloves and shoulder guards, dyed black. In addition I have the brushed leather boots, and the cloak of the Golden wood, again both dyed black.

Here is Azaghar in Action in the Flaming Deeps!

Second is Eodraed, my Captain of Rohan. I wanted a suitably Rohirrim look, but I wanted a hoodless look, as I think his face and hair really show his identity, yet at the same time, many of the plain cloaks make the neck look very strange and too thin! As a result this outfit ended up evolving over time as I got access to different equiptment. Originally I was going to use the Captains Moria breastplate, but when I obtained it, I decided I prefered the current one as part of this outfit!

Hope you like him!



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