A Summary of links to the new Isengard Beta content

Superb image of Nan Curunir by Onoh, kindly posted on the forums

Since the NDA got lifted yesterday I have been rather shamelessly trawling around the forums and various blogs looking for loads of new info, and an idea of exactly what I chucked a load of money at Turbine for! I haven’t been disappointed. Despite some continuing negativity, the quality of the new content seems to be excellent, and it seems we will finally be getting some more of that sense of progression we have been longing for! The above screen shot says and awful lot to me, as the quality and feel of that landscape is superb. I have often felt the community screenshots, particularly those being shared on the Flickr group do far greater justice to LOTRO than Turbines officially released ones do, and this expansion seems to be no exception.

That said I have decided to collate some of the highlights and points of interest for me from all my searching around so you don’t have to, and as a future reference for myself and others to keep our appetites whetted. I shall also update this post as and when I find more items of interest! I have group things under vague themes, or by what stood out for me, but If you think there is anything missing, or have some shots you think I should add by all means drop us an email, or leave a comment!

Firstly, the official dev diary. Whilst it’s not exactly in-depth it is cool to see things being worked on in a prototype state. I would  LOVE to see a really detailed video/documentary/diary of something like this, yes I would happily pay, or pay extra as part of an expansions ‘special features’.

New crafted Tier 7 Guild Jewellery and Tailor Armour’s

Can be found here in their various iterations, including the new crafted pockets. In addition, further down are the new tier 7 guild items from tailors. They can be seen here

The crafted Tier 7 Guild Metalsmith sets

They can be seen here

The new ‘raid/instance’ armour set

This includes its stats as they currently stand in beta here and some shots of them cosmetically here

Stats, Mitigations, and Finesse Info

A little info can be found here on stats, particularly with regard to mitigations and finesse levels, and their effects in percentage terms.

First and Second age weapon cosmetics

The cosmetics of some of the new off legendary first and second age melee weapons can be found here

Some nice video of some runs in the new raid

Part 1

Part 2

and some images of Draigoch here and here and some more info here

A Cool video of a new instance

This has been uploaded by our good friend Bor over at Gondor Awaits,  Bor describes this as a battlegorund type event that was hosted on the BETA server, looks pretty cool to me! perhaps part of the new tech they are working through for the large scale battles they will have to implement at some point!

Dunland Region and Cosmetic Item Screenshots

Finally an excellent thread of screen shots on the areas in the Isengard expansion over several pages. This shows that the zone is actually a very substantial size, and in addition there are actually some underground areas in the Gap of Rohan and Isengard which seem to add to this. But most telling to me is the quality of the artwork and design in this expansion. The cosmetic outfits look very good and appropriate, continuing the realism and theme of the pre-order items. The zones and NPCS look excellent, I particularly like Sarumas shimmery multi colour ‘white’ robe.

I have included below some subheadings linking to relevant posts within the thread for ease of reference! Enjoy.

The Maps 

Macfeasts screenshot of the Forges map

These show Dunland, Gap of Rohan, and Nan Curunir, including the forges subterranean map in the Isengard depths. Some are still a work in progress as these are all still BETA. They can be seen here.

The Expansions Landmass

A series of superb videos, which literally walk and ride through the new landmass, and all neatly sorted into a play list by regions and areas for the viewer!

Pop here and take a look! A big thank you to prjkthack for this huge effort!

The Isengard and Nan Curunir area

Can be seen here and here

Trum Dreg, The Bonevales, Pren Gwydh, The Starkmoor, following on to Tal Mathedral

Jadzis screenshot of Trum Dreng

Can be seen here

The Dunbog, Carreglyn, and the Gravenwood, following on the the Isendale and Haeathwood

Can be seen here


prjthacks screenshot overlooking Cartrev

prjthacks screenshot of the auction/vault in Cartrev

Some of the new NPCs which look great

The Gap of Rohan to Wulfs Cleft


jayspeeds screenshot of the Rohirrim

Can be seen here and here

Uruk Hai

Can be seen here

The Abominations of Dunbog

Can be seen here

Some great cosmetic shots of some of the new landscape quest reward armour

Can be seen here and here and some of the new helmets here

 A Video of the Champion Changes

A couple of videos on the champions changes to skills and trait sets. I think the guy was not aware of some of the details of the changes, such as rising and ebbing ire ARE both still in the game, they are just a single skill and button now, which changes its functionality depending on your stance. So Glory stance makes it Rising Ire, and Fervour and Ardour make it ebbing ire. There are a few other such tweaks, which means skills behave differently depending on stance, or effect a skill only when in a certain stance, but all in all its a great video and nice to see the new tools tips and values, and I really appreciate the effort that C4maniac has gone to to bring us is!


I think its only appropriate to send huge thanks to; Doc Holiday, Jadzi, prjkthack, Onoh, Tainted_black, Macfeast, jayspeed, A Casual Stroll to Mordor, jamesm429, C4maniac, Bor, and of course Turbine for this particular set of posts, notes, screenshots, videos, and blog posts from the BETA. In addition a big thank you to all the other beta testers out there who are sharing info, experiences, images and videos of the new expansions, it is really appreciated!

If anyone can see any additions to this list that would be useful, or someone is missing being credited, please let me know so I can update this!

Enjoy, and look forwad to seeing you in Isengard!



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