Current Cosmetic Outfits: Part 2

The next in my series of run through’s of my characters cosmetic outfits is my hobbit burglar: Chumbo Bobbins.

Very early on I started dressing Chumbo in deep reds and burgundies. I do not role-play my characters heavily, but they always develop a distinct personality in my mind. For some reason his personality seemed to develop along a proud, stubborn, and regal hobbit, rather than the cheeky chappie I initially intended or hoped him to be. As a result the rich reds, and burgundy suited him, as did the more unusual wearing of boots for a hobbit. He is not exclusively a shoe wearer, occasionally he will go without, but as a rule I keep them on. I also have a couple of different cloaks I use with his outfit, and two different horses he uses as part of the ensemble, all designed to work together. As with all these posts, click on the images to see larger more detailed versions.

The first outfit consists of the High Heralds level 56 medium armour, leggings and gloves dyes burgundy, and the High Heralds boots left dyed Umber (no shoulder guards with this outfit). The hooded cloak is the Cloak of the West Tower from Annuminas, again dyed burgundy.

The second outfit is really just a variation on the first, and the one I have been favouring most lately. I have shown it here without boots, though again I tend to run with the boots on as above. The basic armour, leggings, gloves are the same as above, only this time I have the level 56 High Heralds shoulder guards dyed burgundy. In addition the cloak on here is hood down for a bit of variety, and is the Twilight cloak from the LOTRO store (not the hooded version), again dyed burgundy.

The pale green highlights on both these cloaks serve to tie both outfits in quite nicely to the mounts I use. The first mount is the white Lothlorien kindred reputation mount, and the greens, golds, and brown of its tack match nicely the brown and gold of the outfit, and the trace of green around the edge of the hood on the West Tower cloak, and the green pattern on the back of the Twilight cloak.

The second mount is the Mathom Society Reputation mount, which seems to universally get called the ‘cow horse’! Once again the tack is green, brown and gold, and matches in well with these colours on the cloaks and outfit in general.

So thanks for looking, if you are on Eldar server and spot Chumbo sneaking around please feel free to give him a wave and say hi, he won’t bite, and if he does its only your knee caps at risk.




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  1. I love this outfit! I fully intend on copying it in the near future, lol.

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