The Changing of the Guard

Haki and Izbaruk more determined than ever to take the fight to the great enemy

Izbaruk, Current Lord of the Khazad Guard, Haki, the Guards current successor and Izbaruks sister son, and Anlafski, high officer of the Guard, have fought together valiantly across Eriador for three long years. In their recent skirmishes in the Mines of Moria, the battle hardened stance and heavy armour of Izbaruk and Anlafski has often saved the guard from defeat in the cold halls, stone passages, and mines, and the wily ways of Haki has kept the bands morale up. However, Mirkwood has proved a different challenge. Often a Dwarves head that is hard to turn in the most complex tunnels and passages underground, can struggle in the woods and forests, especially those of Mirkwood the Great. Such has been the toil of these three who have fought their way slowly to the very walls of Dol Guldur, the Dark Tower of the Necromancer. Recently Lord Elrond of Imladris has sent news to Izbaruk of troubles to the South, and requested the aid of the Khazad Guard in helping the Dunedain rejoin their Lord, Aragorn, in the far south. Thus has Izbaruk, Commander of the Khazad Guard, descended from the Broadbeam Kings of Gabilgathol, faced many tough choices. To aid his allies to the south and forsake his kind and the elves of Lorien in their attempts to reclaim Moria, and suppress the blight from Mirkwood, or to let the last hope of men, and his allies risk death alone in strange lands.

Anlafski being given new orders

To face such problems Izbaruk has risked much and broken his company.  Anlafski, his stalwart companion through many trials, has been given new orders to hold the Southern Mirkwood and Moria frontier against the enemy for as long as possible, his only support Tyri, another grisled veteren woodsman dwarf hunter. The strength of the Guard never truly recovered from the Battle of Dagorland in the Second Age, and the intervening years, and many wars and conflicts since, has whittled their number to but a shadow of their past selves. None the less, the Guard continues to train new warriors, and protect Eriador as best it can from the threat still present in the North. Currently Jualin, Skarvi, Mugwat, Dralli, Fluzi, Hain, Aulin, Aulinburr, Izbarak, Alfvin, and Bimbili are spread across Eriador, with some of their number making for Moria to reinforce Anlafski and Tyri as soon as they are able. Even Izbaruks brother, Azagan, elderly and slightly deaf, has returned to active service to help the Guard in its hour of need.

Haki, Izbaruk, and Vithar ready to face the challenges ahead

 To assist the Dunedain Izbaruk himself, and his nephew Haki are being joined by Vithar, son of Gvmp, know to his friends as Forest, because of his talents as a woodsman. His skill with a bow, and ability to track foes, and traverse open country and woodland at speed will greatly aid the company on their journey south. In addition to these three, the reckless duo Ganin and Azaghar, and also Icklebard; a mighty battle bard will be scouting ahead of the trio, hoping between them to change the fortunes of this great venture for the good.

The new trio challenging the champions of Dol Guldur

However, before they make their great journey, Izbaruk wished to make one concerted assault to buy the dwarves remaining behind time to recruit, regroup, and prepare. This began in Dol Guldur, assaulting the great fortress, rescuing dwarf captives, and helping to defeat Mazog the Orc. They then turned to the lieutenants and captains of the Dark Tower, and assaulted the champions of Dol Guldur in the Sword Halls and the foul Wargs in their Pens.

The Champions of Dol Guldur being bested

The perilous journey back through the Dwarrowdelf brought Izbaruks ears news of trouble in Eriador. Not content to leave, with things as they were, the trio has set about defeating these dangers, to buy the dwarves left in the north more time.

The Hall of night contained more peril than any of the three expected

Thus far they have combatted foes on the northern bounds of the Shire, and in the Southern marches of Angmar, yet still they have heard of perils in the North Downs, and the Lonelands to be faced. They dare not linger too long, and Izbaruk has determined they must set forth within a month, giving them a little more time prepare themselves, and lend aid to the people of northern Eriador before they pass through Eregion at to the unknown.


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  1. I like, good job 😀

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