Curret Cosmetic Outfits: Part 3

The next in my series of run through’s of my characters cosmetic outfits is my original main character, and what I largely regard as me, but in middle earth: Elgalandir, Adam Hardhammer to give him his adopted name.

I have until now, usually gone with a quite heavy armour battle look for Elgalandir, and until now he has always adventured with Azbarak the dwarf, so this has seemed appropriate. However recently we decided to switch our characters around, and as a result Elgalandir is rushing off to join the grey company in the south, where Azbarak takes a more leisurely pace with Chumbo. As a result I wanted an outfit that was clearly that of a wild ranger, but that also reflected his craft as a metalsmith, and his role as a champion. I think the inclusion of the elven scale armour does this nicely, making his appear armour, but in a more practicable way for a ranger than plate armour. Elgalandir is a man of Bree, of unknown parentage, but his travels have seen him help many people of middle earth, so in a shabby way I wanted his appearance to reflect that.

The outfit consists of the level 18 elven heavy armour and leggings a metalsmith can make, dyed ranger green. The shoulder guards are level 32 dwarf iron shoulder guards again dyed ranger green. In addition I have added the Eorlingas  gloves, boots, and cloak which are available by pre-ordering certain of the Rise of Isengard expansion packages. So with these items we have the dwarves, elves, and perhaps a little prematurely the men of Rohan represented in his attire.

As an optional extra for this outfit I have added the travellers hood from the LOTRO store again dyed ranger green, I think it adds a nice touch for bad weather, and works well with the cloak.

His steed for this outfit is the Esteldin reputation mount (yes I do ride slower horses so the mount matches better, why not!) reflecting the aid he has lent the rangers of the north downs, and tying in colour wise quite nicely with the muted greens and browns of his outfit.

So there we are, Elgalandir, man of Bree, ready to take the journey through the wilds to Rohan.


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