The Rohirrim are Coming!

Horses in RohanThe Door of the Tower of OrthancGaltrevThe Fords of IsenHorses in Rohan
Rohirrim TentsRohirrim TentsThe Rohirrim of DutyMen of Rohan

So we recently took a look around some of the Rohirrim camps on the LOTRO Bullroarer server, and we have to say; wow! The NPC’s look fantastic this time. Both characters, and random soldiers look detailed and heroic, and are now animated in a lively way, similar to that which we saw with the Free to Play update additions to the Dourhand Dwarves.

We have taken a few key snap shots of these, and the Dunlending camps, including the new horses we noticed. There are none there currently, but heres hoping these new mounts end up being reputation ones, because they look fantastic, and here is hoping for some new Rohan housing cosmetics too!

We have to say, absolutely top notch job Turbine, these NPCS and camps are really your best work yet!

Check out our photostream on Flickr for the pictures (you don’t have to join to view, and its free even if you want to!) As always remember, this is BETA and always subject to change!

thanks for reading
Adam and Emma


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  1. Some fantastic screenshots – thanks for posting. Turbine definitely seems to have pushed out the boat with this expansion…I hope it plays as well as it looks.

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