Lottery Status for EU players

So we saw the return of the lotteries in test form yesterday which is very cool and exciting. These lotterys have been available to the US players for a long time, but us former EU server players have never tried them before. I have seen some very cool prizes, including rare steeds, legendary item symbols, cosmetic rewards, fireworks, silver, and anniversary or festival tokens.

As EU players we thought it would be interesting to test which of our characters we eligible to enter and win as there are still some issues with our MYLOTRO pages not showing data, updating slowly, or mixing data up, and we were keen to see how this impacted the lottery.

Firstly I will briefly recap the status of our characters as this may, almost certainly, matter regarding whether you can, or cannot enter, or indeed if you can enter, whether you can win anything.

Character Status

Neither of us has a MYLOTRO blog; we just can’t access that page, and get

The page isn’t redirecting properly  
*browser* has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

However, All our characters are present on character page for the individual servers now, particularly in this case Eldar, which is my main server we play on and the one I tested on. If your characters are not yet present, this is probably a bad sign for the lotteries. My characters are, however, at different states of ‘present’.

1) The first three main characters Emma and I created back in 2008; Elgalandir, Chumbo, and Eodraed (Adam), and Azbarak (Emma) are present as names listed under our accounts at the: page, but we are unable to view any character details for them, and simply get the following text when trying to view them:

Error: An error occurred while processing your request. We apologize for the inconvenience

All these characters were at level cap when we transferred to the Turbine service.

2) A whole bunch of our other characters are present on the correct server and listing details, however, these details are out of sync with real-time. These include some of Emma’s characters created when the above ones were, but that were still only in there 30’s, and two characters created much later, but which were 65 when we transferred to the Turbine Service.

3) 2 or 3 low-level characters created after we transferred to the Turbine service, which are present in the character details, and update in real-time.. or close enough to not get picky!

I am not sure what exactly will occur under other circumstances, for example I have seen people listing:

  • No characters/some characters not present under the section
  • Characters present, but listed under the wrong server
  • Somebody elses characters listed under your account

Please leave a comment if you have experienced these, or any other iteration of a character problem, and especially if you have entered the test lottery and what the result was.

Test Lottery Result

The fine folks at a Casual Stroll to Mordor have out up a little guide to the lotteries, so I recommend you go check that out here if you are not sure what to do.

I short; I won, on everyone. Well, we all did, that was the point of the test lottery:D, but as a test I was able to enter with all these character listing types, and received the appropriate rewards in the mail. This included entering the ‘Test lottery’ for fireworks, the former EU ‘continental lottery’ (we got wine!), and the level appropriate lotteries. I also entered one lottery on my Landroval character, for the former US servers, and won that fine too.

There was no problem entering, and no problem winning, even on those characters not listing character details. So I think it is safe to at least say, if you have a character listed under the server, then you can enter and win lotteries, regardless of details, or update status. What I’d love to hear, is from people who have some more complex character problems, and what happened to them, so please drop and email, or leave a comment!

Good luck on those lotteries, great to finally give them a try after all those envious years!



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  1. hiya 🙂

    I can’t access my blog (continuous redirect loop) and getting the general error message when trying to view my characters.

    However, all my characters were present and able to enter the lottery. I only entered one lottery on one character and that worked just fine.

    looking forward to the lotteries and hoping they get the other problems sorted out 🙂


  2. I get the request processing error on a handfull of my main characters which are between levels 17 and 65 but all are members of the same kinship. None of the characters in that kinship show up (including my spouse’s and all the other kin members), but every one of my chars not in that kinship show up just fine in mylotro, so we suspect that error to be kin related.

    That said, I was able to test the lotteries last night, and all my characters (on five different servers, I have a severe case of altitis 😉 ) were able to enter and win just fine, so it really seems that the lottery is unaffected by that particular bug.

    • That would correlate perfectly to our issues too Merialac, all our Heroes of Eriador characters are broken, but our Khazad Guard and I Mellyn ones are fine, well spotted, I can’t believe I missed that! As you say, we can still win fine on them, which is great!

  3. Can’t access my blog (continuous redirect loop) or any of my characters via character page (get same error as reported in post) – although I can see them on the home page widget – if outdated for the two in Dunland. None of them have their kinship however – that is the case for all from our small kinship.

    I cna however enter the lotteries (and indeed win them) with all my characters. One day everything may work – but given I got continuous redirect error on Sapience’s blog earlier today (trying to read definition of Soon) I am not sure when .

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