Bye-Bye Axe

I got extremely lucky with a legendary weapon on my Dwarf Champion Ganin. It was a 65 Third Age, so not the greatest now, and was identified and used back in the days when you couldn’t save legacies, and add them on, even before F2P and the LoTRO Store, where you can remove your relics prior to deconstructing, and before crafted First Age weapons,  and possibly even crafted 65 Second Age weapons. It was that long ago.

Now Ganin and I became very proud of that axe, while Adam, a seasoned Champion, looked on with envy at every reforge. And this is why:

Okay so it probably didn’t have the best relics on there, but it did have 6 Major legacies on there, which is almost impossible to get. If the level cap was never to have increased past 65, it was unlikely that I would ever have to change this axe out. All this axe had added to it was a Scroll of Delving to upgrade it from 60 levels to 70, otherwise it was utterly perfect, I was just working to earn scrolls of empowerment to up the tiers (a slow process when you are casual/duo player!).

However last night Ganin reached 71 on discovery of the Rohirrim Scout Camp in the Gravenwood, and at that point it became obvious that the axe was starting to lag behind, in terms of its DPS. The quest reward there was for an axe (green background so in reality not that special) with a full 10 DPS lead on my precious legendary. During the course of the evening I had looted some nice Champion weapons while killing Bugan in the Mines (all champs – go there! I got 7 champion legendaries in about 20 mins and they all turned out really nice) and bit the bullet and said bye-bye to my beloved axe.

My new weapon (an axe obviously) is pretty nice, and probably better suited to my playing as a Glory Champ now. But it will never be as great as my original axe. I will not see its like again. Farewell old friend, gone but not forgotten.

I’d love to hear about your legendary weapons – did you too have the perfect level 65 and have to deconstruct it? Leave a comment and let us know!



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  1. Tragic! Truly, the last remnant of an era in the LI saga full of possibility but also full of furstration.

    A few days ago I deconned both of my level 65 1st ages on my champ and it was painful as I didn’t really get a chance to break them in for more than a few months and they were pretty much maxed out. Of all things, I’m using a 75 3rd age dagger and a 75 3rd age 2H axe. The axe eventually got 4 major legacies and the dagger only 3 (I think both have crit/aoe/relentless with the axe also having brutal). I’ll probably switch to a sword at some point as I can’t stand swinging that stubby little thing. I suppose though that MMO gear is a very dynamic type of thing and level 75 2nd age symbols are already dropping like
    candy from 12 man skirmishes.

  2. Deconned my Captain’s 2nd agers yesterday, and it hurt a bit, but not as much as it will hurt when my Warden finally needs a new set of weapons. A 2nd age lvl 65 javelin with 5 majors and 2 minors (all tier 6) is gonna be really hard to deconn…

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