Protectors of Zigilburk

Recently the Khazad Guard has met a great bunch of guys on our home Eldar server we would love to let you know about!

Their name is the Protecters of Zigilburk kinship, and like ourselves they are big fans of the dwarves. They are a new kinship, but founded by players who have been in-game since the Rift days. Having been in various kinships they decided it was time to start one of their own, and formed the Protectors of Zigilburk.

Their aims are much the same as most kinships, they are not particularly Role Players themselves, but are more than happy if there are RP keen dwarves that want to join. Their distinguishing criteria are that they are only recruiting race of Dwarves characters. Some of you think that whilst this is all very well for 3 mans, but this will leave them a little short on some classes for 6 mans and raids where the variety of classes come into play. But this is something else they are keen to explore as part of the challenge. The flexibility of classes these days means that Hunters and RK’s can use many CC abilities, Minstrels have an overwhelming arrays of buffs, and so on, so Running these instances with only dwarves will be great fun, and allow players to truly explore the ranges of their class abilities and come at some of these problems from different angles.

The Khazad Guard have naturally formed a close alliance with the Protectors, and we shall be running some content together fairly soon, and hopefully long into the future. As a product of this, Eldar Server now has its own Dwarf channel, for communicating between players and fans of dwarves. Simply type: /joinchannel DurinsFolk and you will be connected to the chat channel on that character. You can type messages by typing /1 *your message* if you have never joined a user chat before, or /2, /3, or  /4 if you are in Global LFF or any other user-created channels. don’t forget you can right-click on your user chat tabs to change the colour of your chat channels if it is hard to spot, or creat another tab and filter it just to receive text from specific chat sources, again all by right clicking on the tab. We think this will be great fun, exploring different tactics and skills and traits that often get sidelined, so we look forward to it immensely!

Any one who is interested in joining The Protectors, either with mains or alts, please send Peco or Trioin a tell, or if you are happy with your current kinship, but have a dwarf character and fancy joining in ones of our runs just join the channel and say hi and we can have a chat!

So Good luck protectors, may your beards grow long and never wither, and we look forward to taking on the enemy together, at the correct height.


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