New Class Trait Guides

With the Rise of Isengard update, we have both been working our way through our different characters and different classes, levelling them, playing in groups earning new gear, and working out new trait sets ups, legacies and layouts. As a result we have made some notes, and in places, changes to the way we play and the gear we use. We are now in the position to go back through our guides sections and start to make some changes to our current guides as a when necessary, to keep them up to date.

In addition to this we have also made ourselves a few notes about class traits, as on our champ, minstrel, and RK we have found ourselves retraiting more than every to help balance out the groups we have found ourselves in. This has led to us creating a short hand reference to some generic builds, with some top priority traits, and nice complementary, but not essential, ones to enable us to retrait quickly without too much messing around.

We will (slowly as always) be adding them to the site, and the first, the Champion builds, we are making live today. You can access it via this link, or via the guides menu in the top right, under class trait guides.

thanks for reading!




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  1. Thank you! At 66, my champ is just now getting to Dunlend, and I keep inspecting other champs to see what traits they’re running. Your summary is a good starting point! The info is much appreciated.

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