Discovered Documents of the Khazad Guard

We have just made some exciting discoveries at the Khazad Guard of some ancient Dwarf documents, pertaining to the Khazad Guard. As our detailed analysis is completed we shall bring more information to you, but firstly we have a look at the family tree of the main bloodline of the leadership of the Khazad Guard.

For more information see our main article here

So Really?

O.K, yes, these were all actually drawn and invented by me, though I have spent some time trying to get the dates, runes, and history correct based on Tolkiens Canon. I have never ignored anything of Tolkiens, and designed our entire history and documents to slot into his lore without interfering with it.

I did just start these for fun, but I enjoyed creating them so much I thought I’d carry on, so there may be a few more of these appearing in the future.  Finally, though it would appear I have too much time on my hands, I actually haven’t, I just spend what little time I do have unwisely, but hey I’m enjoying myself and not hurting anyone! This one is getting framed and hung up in the house, because we are a bit strange like that!




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