A Whole Lotto Horses

Got to say that I love the lotteries! As an EU player they still have the novelty value, and both  myself and Adam check them regularly on all our accounts. So far we have been pretty lucky, but this last weekend Adam came away with a Worn Symbol, and I got a shiny new horse on two of my alts. The lucky ladies were Emsibelle, my little Hobbit Tank, who won the Steed of the Guardian in a Guardian only lottery, and Fearien, my Elf Loremaster, who won the Cremello Steed. I was pretty excited, and had to rush off and design new outfits to match.

When I first saw the Cremello Steed on A Casual Stroll to Mordor back in March, I wasn’t sure that I liked it. But when I saw it come up in the lottery, I entered it anyway. It is actually quite a difficult horse to outfit with I thought, as it has quite a busy pattern on it and the reds and blues on it can be difficult to replicate on some items. Cosmetic LoTRO have recently done their excellent version of a matching outfit for this horse, so I decided to do my own something simple and elegant suitable for a noble Elf lady.

Fearien on her Cremello Steed

Dress : Elegant Dress, Store Cosmetic, undyed

Cloak: Widows Drape, Dunlending Reputation Vendor, dyed red.

Now, for Emsibelle, she is a tomboy, no-frills Tank, and so I needed something suitably heavy armoured, and yet looks fairly comfortable to be riding in. Her usual attire is the Durins Guard moria set, dyed rose, but I needed a whole new colour scheme. The Steed of the Guardian is quite dark, mainly made up of what looks like a worn mid grey leather armour with various red and white shield motifs and a couple of weapons and saddle bags. Because of the leather on the horse, I looked mainly at what I had collected in the way of medium armour and went from there. Fortunately for me, the Isengard expansion came with alot of very nice looking pieces, which I have been hoarding.

Emsibelle on her Steed of the Guardian

Chest: Reinforced Leather Dunlending Jacket, Medium Armour quest reward, burgundy dye

Shoulders: Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman, Heavy Armour quest reward, default dye

Gloves: Burnished Dunlending Gauntlets, Heavy Arour quest reward, default dye

Boots: Reinforced leather Dunlending Boots, Medium Armour quest reward, default dye

Incidentally, today is the first day that the Steed of the Guardian is openly available. It is a Store only mount, and only available until 8th December, although it may crop up in further sales and lotteries. At 1995 TP’s per character its pretty pricey, although its run speed is 68% and has 250 morale, putting it stat wise up there with the Steed of Eriador (world renowned) and suchlike. I will say that like the Steed of the Hunter, these horses are inspired by the classes only, and do not come equipped with any other skills. They can be ridden by any character, regardless of class.

If you do feel like you have a pile of Turbine Points burning a hole in your pockets, have a look at the Mounted emotes. These are emotes that you command your horse to do, and look pretty impressive. They were also available in some of the lotteries recently, and it may be that they are in lotteries around the same times that horses are available. Currently there are three mounted emotes available in the Store – Bow, Rear, and Kick. They come in at 195 TP’s each, and again it is per character. I was lucky enough to win one of them on my little Hobbit Hunter, Cebelia.

Cebelia demonstrating the Bow emote

Happy Riding!



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  1. Wow, very nice outfits! I only just saw them today as when you posted the link on twitter, for some reason it didn’t work. I love your PAX outfit! Very elegant. 😀

  2. Thanks, I really struggled to get the colours right for the PAX horse, its deceptive in that it has quite unusual shades to work with really when you look close. I think I may have posted the link on Twitter without changing the privacy settings of the post, whoops!

  3. Oh, I like these!Excellent job 🙂

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