The Fleet Footed Goat

I have been particularly lucky in the lotteries lately and was very excited to see that I had won the new store exclusive mount on one of my main characters, Haki. And if I do say so myself, the Fleet Footed Goat is absolutely stunning. I know that I have said in the past that I objected to the 2k Turbine Points for the store exclusive mounts, but with this one I could have been seriously tempted. I could still be persuaded to treat some of my other alts to it. It’s very eye-catching in its simplicity – all over bright, pure white, with elegant metal wings and spiral motif, accentuated with what appears to be turquoise gemstones. Just the ticket for the heir to the Khazad Guard, descended from the Broadbeam Dwarf Lords of old. Adam was extremely jealous when he saw it, especially as he entered me in the lotteries when I was having a late sleep on Sunday morning. First I knew of it was when I checked the lotteries at lunchtime and saw that Haki had won. I know for a fact that if Adam doesn’t win it in a lottery he will be purchasing this for Izbaruk. Like the other store exclusives it is one of the fastest and sturdiest mounts in-game, with 68% run speed and 250 morale, and like all store exclusives, this goat will only be available for a limited time. I’m not sure when this will be going live in the store, but my guess would be soon. My advice is to keep checking those lotteries, and in the meantime go grind some TP’s, because this would make a perfect christmas present for all your favourite alts!

I could stretch this out a bit more, but I’m sure you all want to see some screenshots, so here goes!

As you can see it is truly gorgeous!

Good Luck!



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  1. Still a strange creature, but for a Lotro goat, it is a beauty! Congratulations on your win.

  2. congrats indeed! hmm eldaeriel may get a christmas present so she can ride around Moria in style 😉

  3. Congrats! This looks like a show quality angora goat! Seems like it would be high maintenance, keeping it all shampooed and combed 🙂
    Thank goodness my dwarf isn’t so vain he has to ride around on this luxury goat (or so he tells himself). 😉 Although…it’s only 1995 TP, and X-mas is coming up…

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