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New Devilry- Screen Shots (Image Heavy)

As Adam mentioned in his last post, he had been kindly giving me a hand levelling both my cappy and my second champ. As the cappy is on our second account, I get two toons levelled for the price of one. I really just wanted them out of Moria, and so we worked mainly on getting the Moria Epic book done.

Azagan modelling the Cloak of Shadow and Flame

Anlafski and Izbaruk modelling the Singed Cloak

Vol 2, Book 6 Chapter 8 is New Devilry – an instance that I particularly love. You can go in either solo or duo, either way getting the inspire buff. It’s pretty simple, its fun, you get a nice pile of cash, a load of rep items, and one of two possible cloaks – The Singed Cloak, or as a rare drop, The Cloak of Shadow and Flame. One of these will drop from the boss, Gwathnor, who is in effect some type of lesser Balrogesque spirit. On level (60) these are pretty nice and for some classes really worth wearing, otherwise they are worth it for cosmetics. I love them both and use them on various alts. They are a permanent fixture in my Wardrobe.They dye really well, with the cloak of Shadow and Flame having some interesting outcomes because of the existing colours on it.

However, the best thing about this instance is the ambience, and screenshots in here are always stunning. We went in duo, and I spent the whole boss fight taking pictures. I put down a banner, then let Adam do all the work on champ while I clicked F11 and enjoyed the view. Gwathnor is an interesting boss fight to witness and capture screenshots of as he will periodically change appearance throughout the fight. Blacks and purples for the Shadow phase and reds and oranges for the flame. There are no special tactics needed, its just a tank and spank fight, and great to watch. The good news is that if you need these cloaks for yourselves, the instance can be revisited via the reflecting pool in the Twenty First Hall, under Return to Azanarukar. I think I ran this about four times on Ganin my main Champ to get the Cloak of Shadow and Flame for my wardrobe. Although I will say that if you go in through the reflecting pool, you will be left in the Shadowed Refuge, and if you don’t have the rep for the swift travels, this can be a bit of a pain in the proverbial.

As you can see from the following screenshots, its a nice instance to run, especially if you have a friend to do all the work. I probably took close to 50 screenshots in there, and it was difficult to choose some to show because they are all pretty good.

Disapearing Tricksy Elves!

Sorry about the little tonic bar icon in the bottom left, we always forget to unload them, but they are just too usefull! Thanks to Adam for levelling my character,and I hope you all enjoyed the pcitures!



Some of our New Outfits- Cebelia

Cebelia was the second character that I ever created, but in four years she is still little played and is languishing at level 35. I plan to level her up at some point, honest! As yet, she is not a priority project, but I made a point of bringing her out for the Anniversary Festival. I’m glad that I did because she won a Lossoth Steed in the envelope quest. Just because she is not currently being levelled doesn’t mean that she can’t look good.

Power Ranger

Most Hunters seem to try to emulate some sort of Ranger type outfit, and Cebelia is no different. However, as a Hobbit lady with attitude, she sees no reason to blend into the background. I love the Grey Company cosmetic rewards you get for various stages of the Epic Book, and use some of the pieces a lot. The boots really do not work on a Dwarf, there is too much stretching and the dagger in the boot becomes strangely distorted.

Head – Fine Grey Company Hood (Epic Book Cosmetic Reward, Vol 3 Book 5 Chapt 1) Sea blue dye.

Armour – Reinforced Leather Dunlending Jacket (Medium Armour Dunland Quest Reward) Sea blue dye.

Shoulders – Fine Grey Company Wrap (Epic Book Cosmetic Reward, Vol 3 Book 5 Chapt 1) Sea blue dye.

Gloves – Fine Grey Company Gauntlets (Epic Book Cosmetic Reward, Vol 3 Book 5 Chapt 1) Sea blue dye.

Boots – Fine Grey Company Boots (Epic Book Cosmetic Reward, Vol 3 Book 5 Chapt 1) Sea blue dye.

Steed of the Guardian

I was lucky enough to win a Steed of the Guardian on Cebelia in one of the lotteries, so of course I had to make a suitable outfit to go with it, but at the same time make one different to the one I previously made for Emsibelle, my little Hobbit Tank. Again the Rangers cosmetics make an appearance. I needed to stick to the same colour scheme of reds, whites and greys to match the horse, but in a different ratio to Emsibelle’s outfit. I didn’t want this outfit to look too much like a heavy armour set

Armour – Forged Iron Dunlending Hauberk (Heavy Armour Dunland Quest Reward) White dye.

Shoulders – Fine Grey Company Wrap (Epic Book Cosmetic Reward, Vol 3 Book 5 Chapt 1) Crimson Dye.

Gloves – Fine Grey Company Gauntlets (Epic Book Cosmetic Reward, Vol 3 Book 5 Chapt 1) Crimson Dye.

Boots – Shield Bearers Boots (Guardian Moria Class Armour) Crimson dye.

Steed – Steed of the Guardian (Limited Store Exclusive)

Thanks for looking! The next Hobbit lady to get a makeover will be Dandilyon.


Some of our New Outfits: Gilforniel

(Emma) While we have taken a small break from blogging, we have still been more or less active on LoTRO, and I have been taking a little time to work on some of my outfits. I bought some extra wardrobe slots when they were on sale, and have been playing around with it. One thing I have noticed is that it is very hard to be a girl who primarily plays a Dwarf. My three main characters are all Dwarves, and as such I think I have missed out on some pretty sweet quest reward cosmetics, because a lot of stuff just looks downright hideous on a Dwarf but very nice on an Elf maiden. So my wardrobe has to cater for a load of Dwarves and some ladies. Some cosmetics change in appearance completely depending on the gender of the character, but I’m pretty pleased with what I have so far, and have an idea of what quest rewards to get next time round.

Gilforniel had been having a little extra playtime recently, As Adam has been using her to help me level my Cappy Barandis, on our second account. Having been taken off the shelf, albeit temporarily most likely, she has had a bit of a makeover.

Moria Outfit

(Emma) As we were playing in Moria at the time, I made her a suitable outfit for traversing those deep and dark Dwarven halls, with a suitable injection of colour.

I  went for a Sea Blue and Yellow colour combo here, mainly because I realised that I had never used yellow dye before, and when the Cloak of Shadow and Flame is dyed sea blue, you are left with some interesting yellows and greens where the flames are portrayed.As you will notice for the most part I tend to try to leave the head bare. This is purely personal preference, as I like to see my characters.

Armour – Forged Iron Dunlending Hauberk (Heavy Armour Dunland Quest Reward) Sea Blue dye.

Shoulders -Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman (Heavy Armour Dunland Quest Reward) Yellow dye.

Gloves – Burnished Dunlending Gauntlets (Heavy Armour Dunland Quest Reward) Yellow dye

Boots – Boots of Durin’s Guard (Guardian Moria Class Armour) Sea Blue dye

Cloak – Cloak of Shadow and Flame (Vol 2 Book 6 Chapter 8 New Devilry rare drop quest reward) Sea blue dye.

Rich Elven Warrior

(Emma) Adam created this outfit in rich crimson colours, to portray a wealthy and noble Elf Warrior-Maid. He made this outfit to wear while he levels her for me, a fair exchange as far as I can see! The mixture of utilitarian leather and chain mail with furs and richly enamelled details really works here we think. ((Adam) : I like red outfits, so if I was going to play Emmas champ for a bit, I fancied having a cool outfit. I love these gloves from the Great River, and thought they’d bring out the rich reds and golds of the cloak, and the fur and chain mail would make it still a warrior and utility based set.)

Armour – Trappers Leather Jacket (Medium Armour Nan Curunir Quest Reward) Crimson dye.

Shoulders – Potent Calenard War Pauldrons (Westfold Crafted Heavy Armour) Crimson dye.

Gloves – Gloves of Forbidden Love (Medium Armour Great River Quest Reward) Crimson dye.

Boots – Reinforced Leather Dunlending Boots (Medium Armour Dunland Quest Reward) Default dye.

Cloak – Swan Cloak (Store only cosmetic) Crimson dye.

White Warrior

(Adam) Whilst playing Emmas champ, I must admit I got quite involved in outfitting. Its nice to have an elegant torso to fit outfits too sometimes, especially when you are used to playing a male and more often than not a dwarf! So I made another outfit. This time I wanted to use a cool chest piece I picked up from a world drop, and thought it would be another great oportunity to use the gloves and boots I had above, and a great way to get the yule cloak incorporated in a non christmassy way! Anyway I have reached my goal of hitting level 60 for Emma, so I am now finished levelling and outfitting Gilforniel, and am handing her officially back to Emma, which is a shame because I had a lot of fun cross dressing… hmm, perhaps thats too much information!

I think this last shot shows just how versatile and awesome those gloves are!

Armour – Shining Elven Leather Jacket (Medium Armour Evendim/Lonelands/North Downs Landscape drop) White dye.

Leggings – Elven Hunters Leggings (Medium Armour Level 35 Crafted item) White dye

Shoulders – Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer (Light Armour Dunland Quest Reward) Crimson dye.

Gloves – Gloves of Forbidden Love (Medium Armour Great River Quest Reward) White dye.

Boots – Reinforced Leather Dunlending Boots (Medium Armour Dunland Quest Reward) Default dye.

Cloak – Snowy hoodless cloak (winter festival cosmetic) White dye.

There is going to be a lot more outfit offerings in this little series, so keep looking!

Adam and Emma