A Recruiting Message for our 6 Dwarf group

The Khazad Guard needs YOU!

Due to a few problems we are currently a Dwarf short in our 6 man fellowship group, and are looking for another member to round us out. It is a really fun project which you can read about here and here and see the progress of in ‘the KG Offensive’ menu above. If the idea of having a regular levelling and fellowship group made of Dwarves appeals to you, then by all means read on and see what we do and what you’d need to be able to commit to join in too.

What we do

  • Our goal is to only play the characters together doing as much 6 man landscape and instance content as possible, on level. This leaves little room to play the characters outside without overlevelling. We are currently level 38ish and about to start the Tomb of Elendil, after that we will be heading to Angmar to play all the landscape and instance content there, including Carn Dum, Urugarth, and Barad Gularan! With long-term plans for Moria, Mirkwood, In their Abscence, Isengard, Great River and beyond, as well as skirmish and scalable content.
  • Joining the kinship would be optional, but prefered on this character. We are a very small social group, many evenings you will have one, two or perhaps no companions. If you want to create this character to play with us, that’s fine, if you want to join other kinships, or play mostly on your original server, or even make more dwarves to play in our kinship, we have no issue.
  • We meet monthly at a mutually convenient date and time agreed by group email, which is usually a weekend in the early afternoon UK time (morning American time) GMT or GMT+1 in the summer months.
  • Our group is made up of myself and Emma, both in our 30’s and a mutual friend who is very, very old… practically bus pass old, and another friend and his son that we all met via another kinship in LOTRO.  We are all English, but are happy to consider any Age, Race, Nationality etc etc, if you like what we do and are prepared to play along the rest is none of our business!
  • And finally, we play Dwarves, and Dwarves only in this instance group

How we’d go about it

  • You would need to have or create a Dwarf character on our server, Eldar (EU), and reach our level. We will be able to help with this. Ideally we would like a Dwarf Guardian, preferably with a reasonable name, we have plenty of fun names like ‘Fluzi’, but ‘Ninjatank’ tends to sound a bit crap to all of us. We are not an RP kinship, but we do enjoy the broader aspects of gameplay, and are by no means averse to it. For us it is mostly about having a background and a reason to what we do, and having a lot of fun with it! We’d be more than happy to help suggest names if you get a bit stuck. If you have a Guardian and definitely do not want another, then we may be able to accommodate a Champion or Minstrel, get in touch and we’ll chat about it. If you really want to play another class, by all means give us a shout anyway, we can always see what we can do, as we have many classes at level 65-75 and it may be we can sort something out.
  • If after trial we are both/all mutually keen to continue, we can help with crafting and the other issues people find with new characters/joining a new server, so don’t panic about that.
  • You need to be able to attend the sessions once a month and complete the ‘homework’ or tasks which usually consists of solo instances and quest lines to unlock group play, for the next play session which is usually fairly minimal, as and when we need to. We provide a full detailed list of what needs doing for the next meeting as in the ‘The KG Offensive’ menu.
  • We would do a couple of runs together to make sure we are all happy to continue. Sounds a bit formal, but we are looking for a compatible form of nutter here so it gives you a good get out clause!
  • When on runs together we have a uniform we wear! What you do the rest of the time is up to you, but in battle we wear our colours with pride!
  • We are all English, and have English as our first language. We use in game chat whilst on our runs, so whilst English may not be your first language being able to understand us and join in might be a good idea.

IF you are interested then please either leave a comment, drop an email to thekhazadguard@gmail.com, or send a tell to Izbaruk, Ganin, Haki or Azaghar in Game.




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  1. I run a dwarven guardian on Windfola coming up on 5 years this Christmas. What are your typical play times? Cheers, Gloimli

  2. vincent nichols

    wish you guys were on Windfola, have a Dwarf RK and Dwarf Hunter, would love to run an all dwarf group! RK is Branli, hunter is Branoin

  3. Thanks for you comments guys, we are probably going to update the post in a few days. We have had a few applicants and some interest, and are considering how best to go about it. As far as we are concerned, to turn down an enthusiastic dwarf who wants to join in, is madness, so its just how we squeeze us all in!

    On another note, you two guys are on the same server, so you may be able to start your own group? If you want us to run and advert or help and promote it, we’d be more than happy!

  4. Hi

    I’m Portuguese, passed forty a few years ago

    my name is Vitor, but I use the nickname “the Sphinx” in most of the stuff (game stuff) I do.

    I have a lifetime account and play on Evernight server.

    I have 18 toons, 4 lvl 75 (rk, ht, wd, ch), 2 lvl 71 (gd, rk) and 1 lvl 67 (wd), the rest is mostly to craft (i’m master with all guilds except cook) or to serve as mules or to be on my 2 kinship houses (yes i own 2 kins).

    Till very recent times i was the leader of one of the oldest kin from Evernight, “Portucale Electus”

    Except for wardens and runekeepers, a played my toons flash style, getting to cap as fast as I could, without concern for game content… pure race…

    My prefered clas is, by far, the warden, followed shortly by runekeeper.

    I do not have any dwarf on my main toons, and with guardian i only play overpower (i never learned to tank with guardians, to be honest).

    I use to visit ur blog very often, and I really like apreciatte way u present things, so…

    I would be very pleased to create a Dwarf Guardin on your server and give it a shot…

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