Dwarf Guardian

Currently Level 75

Supreme Master Tinker, Kindred with the Jewelers Guild

When we decided to finally begin the Khazad Guard I decided I wanted to roll a very old dwarf as the kinship founder and Father of the Khazad Guard. Izbaruk has been levelled exclusively with Emmas minstrel healer and our friend Mikes Tank: Anlafski, since the early teens. We have rolled away through most content. It has been very interesting playing with another guardian and a healer, and it has meant Haki has had a lot of opportunity to use warspeech whilst we tank the enemies, and also I have been able to try out the Overpower role of Guardians, and together we have managed to trio an awfull lot of 6 man content in this configuration; not the fastest DPS group around, but very very tought to kill.
Izbaruk is descended from Azaghal the Dwarf, and his ancestry count their number amongst the great and good of many deeds of Middle earth. Izbaruk himself has no sons, only a daughter Azbarak, though Azbarak has sons they are still young by dwarf standards, and the current heir, and second in command of the Khazad Guard, is his sister-son Haki. Izbaruk has an Elder brother; Azagan who refused the leadership in deference to Izbaruk. Izbaruk was been part of the dwarf attempt to retake Moria, though the experience of visiting their ancestral home has been bittersweet for him and his kin, seeing the once great halls in ruin, and recalling the deeds that cause such destruction, and the embitterment that followed. Walking out of the Dimrill gate was, for him, very tough as the last time he stood there was at the Battle of Azanulbizar, where he and his brother fought alongside Thorin Oakenshield and Dain Ironfoot long ago.
However, as with all things from the dark comes good, and the Khazad Guard has again united with Celeborn of Lorien, as trust has began to grow again between them. Long ago were the deeds of Sauron against the elves of Eregion, but Celeborns memory is longer, and their latest deed and those, bring new hope for friendship between Elves and Dwarves.

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