Dwarf Guardian

Currently Level 75

Supreme Master Tinker, Kindred with the Jewelers Guild

This was my first character, and from the start I was adamant that I wanted to play as a Dwarf, as they always appealed to me in the books. The reason I chose a tank class was simply because I thought I’d die less in-game, as I was a bit nervous about playing for the first time. I also insisted that Az was a girl. Tolkien mentions that Dwarf women are indistinguishable from males (Adam dug a reference from some unfinished tale or obscure appendices for me, but I forget), so Az became vaguely feminine by insisting on wearing purple armour. I was sure that Azbarak wanted to keep being a girl low-key, so in every other way is a stereotypical dwarf – big beard, axe ,etc. It was only when Adam created Izbaruk  (an older dwarf with white hair and the same beard), that I evolved the story that Izbaruk was my father and I had followed in the family footsteps of being a Guardian and a Tinker (coincidence that we chose the same crafts for these two). I decided that Azbarak was the feminine form of Azbaruk,  I have no idea what Tolkien would say on this, but Az has a big axe so who’s going to argue. We both enjoyed the idea of the dwarfs being related and so Izbaruk as the oldest looking dwarf became not only Father of the Khazad Guard, as he founded the kinship and so holds that title, but also father of the clan, descendants of Azaghal the Dwarf, and all our Dwarves seem to fit into the family tree somewhere.

Azbarak and Elgalandir battle Svalfang in Breeland, in the early days of their friendship

Her best friend is Elgalandir, or Eggy. Azbarak met him in his local pub, the Comb and Wattle Inn in Combe in Breeland. Azbarak had been travelling the Great North Road with a message for her father, Izbaruk, and had decided to take a detour to go through the villages on the way to Bree, in the hopes of having her armour repaired at a lower cost than in the main town. She got talking to Elgalandir, who happened to be an armourer,and also a strange elf called Guythalion. The locals stayed clear of the trio, scenting trouble, but the three became fast friends. Guythalion went off on his own, as Elves are wont to do, but Elgalandir repaired her armour for free in return for helping him drive the Brigands from Breeland. The two found they formed a powerful fighting team; Azbarak would hunker down under her shield and keep the enemies occupied while Elgalandir attacked them from behind. With the Brigands driven away, Azbarak asked if Elgalandir would like to accompany her to Thorins Hall, where she still had to deliver the message. Elgalandir areed, and from that day they have quested together, throughout Eriador, Moria, Lorien and Mirkwood, earning acclaim with many of the Free Peoples.

Azbarak fighting a Daywalker Beserker in the heart of Dul Guldur

Azbarak eventually parted ways with Elgalandir, when he headed further south on an urgent errand, and she stayed north for a time. Eventually, she met up with Chumbo Bobbins, a hobbit burglar of some reknown, and finally they too too headed south together towards the vale of Isengard.


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