Of Moria, The fall of Eregion, and the Battle of Dagorlad

For a while the Khazad Guard resided with the dwarves of Khazad Dum, aiding them and lending their abilities with smithing and jewelcraft to create wonders of the gems and mithril found in the great mines. Soon dwarves from Gabilgathol joined the host of Khazad dum swelling its numbers, and they befriended the Elves of Eregion, teaching each other a great deal of their craft.

The Great Stairs leading into Khazad Dum from Durins Threshold, The Hollin gateway to the once fair land of Eregion

At the end of the First Age when Beleriand was thrown into the great seas, many more dwarves from Gabilgathol and Nogrod began to flock as the great realm of Khazad Dum reached it zenith. The Elves of Eregion under Celembrimbor grew mighty in the arts of jewel craft and the lore of rings, and the Khazad Guard held them in high esteem as great friends, and from them  learned many arts.

However, Sauron the deceiver had tricked the Elves, and feigning friendship taught them much in the art of ring lore, and in secret forged the One Ring. In S.A. 1643, he placed the One Ring upon his finger as was revealed to Celebrimbor. Rather than surrender the Elven rings Celebrimbor sent them to be hidden. Sauron attacked Eregion in S.A 1695, and the Dwarves of the Khazad Guard fought with Celeborn’s sortie to drive back Saurons vanguard. Celeborn was never a friend of dwarves being a kinsman of Thingol, who the dwarves of Nogrod slew, and refused to follow Galadriel through Moria to Lothlorien. Though the Khazad Guard took no part in that slaying are bore him no ill will, yet Celeborn was still untrusting of them, though for a time lay aside this grudge as need dictated, and fought valiantly together to hold back the enemy. Having won respite, the Khazad Guard withdrew to Moria, to plead aid for the Elves from Durin, and warn the dwarves.

In S.A. 1697 Celebrimbor made a last stand at the Elven fortress; Ost-in-Edhil, but he was overwhelmed and taken captive. He was tortured, and put to death, but not before revealing the locations of the Seven and the Nine. Elrond; the herald of Gil-galad, who had been sent to Eregion, and Celeborn and the remaining survivors of Eregion fought in retreat and were almost overwhelmed. However, the dwarves of Moria along with the Khazad Guard, and elves from Lorien unexpectedly assaulted Sauron, who was for a time checked, allowing Elrond and Celeborn to escape.

The great Dwarf Halls of Moria were too great for Sauron the deceiver to overthrow and withstood many woes through many ages until the darkness of Durin's bane arose

Sauron hurled his might against the Dwarves, who retreated into the Dwarrowdelf, and the doors were shut to him. There was nothing Sauron could do against the closed gates of Khazad-Dum, and thus Elrond and Celeborn, and their saviours escaped. Hence forth he hated the dwarves of Moria for denying him this final victory, and ordered his Orcs to defy them at every opportunity.

However, though many valiant deeds lost to history were done, the forces of Sauron could not be stopped, and by S.A. 1699 all of Eriador was under his dominion, and the outpost of the free people’s; Khazad-Dum, Imladris, and Lindon,  were isolated and under siege.

A Numenorean army sent by Tar-Minastir in S.A 1700, set about liberating the free people’s, and destroying the forces of Sauron. Such was the might of men in those elder days, that the forces of the enemy would not stand against them. The war ended in S.A. 1701 but Eregion was gone, and most of Eriador was in ruins. Sauron was embittered against the men of Numenor, and spent much of his will on bringing about their down fall some 1500 years later, but of that this tale does not tell.

The once fair dwellings of the Elves in Eregion were destroyed

In S.A. 3429,  Sauron assaulted and captured Minas Ithil, doomed to become Minas Morgul. Then Elendil, High king of the Dunedain, and leader of the faithful, and his sons, who had escaped the fall on Numenor, formed an alliance with Gil-galad, and together they built up a great force to contend his renewed power.

In S.A 3434, they crossed the Misty Mountains, and were joined by of host of Dwaves from Moria, led by Durin, and containing the Khazad Guard, who were by now a mighty host to behold. The Alliance crossed the Anduin and were joined by the Elves from Rhovanian, and travelled south, forming finally with the Men of Gondor, and drawing up before the Black Gates.

The Battle of Dagorlad took many months, and a great many were slain, but finally the gates of the Black Land were breached, and the allies entered and besieged Barad Dur. The siege of Barad Dur continued for seven long years, costing a great many lives, and the mighty armies of the free people’s, not least of which were the dwarves. Elendils son Anarion, and the Lord of the Khazad Guard: Azaghur, were both slain. Eventually the Enemy himself drew forth from the tower, and none could withstand him save Gil-Galad, Elendil, Isildur, Elrond and Cirdan. Gil-galad and Elendil were slain, yet Isildur took up Narsil his father’s sword and cut the ring from the Dark Lords hand, thus free Middle Earth of him for a time.

The return to Moria was an historic occasion for the Khazad Guard, and also one of sadness when faced with the reality of the great diminishing of their kind and their ancestral home.

3,000 of  the 50,000 dwarves that had marched with the free peoples had been Khazad Guard, now 10,000 dwarves lay slain, and 2,500 of them were dwarves of the Khazad Guard. As the alliance dissolved, the new lord of the Khazad Guard; Izgharak, took what few dwarves remained back to Moria, at the beginning of the Third Age.


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