Monthly Archives: June 2012

Down in the Dumps

Whilst questing recently in the North Downs, we came across an aurochs, who had quite frankly, given up all hope and fallen into a deep depression. We waved at it in the hopes of cheering it up, but to no avail. We have sent a message to the Rangers of Esteldin to see if they can do anything to alleviate the beasts condition, but so far we have heard no word. We ask everyone to be on the lookout for other beasts suffering the same malady, and to notify the Rangers at once. A raven has been dispatched to Ost Guruth to seek out Radagast, to see if he has any advice, being well schooled in all things natural. Until then, please try not to taunt these poor beasts whilst passing them, and if you must hunt them for their hides, please do so in a quick and dignified manner.


The Khazad Guard Offensive

As Emma mentioned in a previous post, we have recently begun a little 6 man Khazad Guard Dwarf group to play through the games fellowship content on level, supplemented by a little solo work inbetween times. Hopefully, for the subsequent runs we can get our act together and document our runs with a few more screen shots and videos, but for now we have set up a permanent page series to chart our path and progress.

These kind of events are really good fun, but take a little organising, so I hoped to encourage others to perhaps try and organise their own permanent groups, and to make it easier for them. As a result, at the top now you will see a menu entitled ‘The KG Offensive’ and this drop down menu should display an introduction and then the content we have been playing together with the level range it covers, which hopefully others may be able to adapt and use, should they choose to follow suit.

Thanks for reading