Hobbit Warden

Currently Level 22

Supreme Master Farmer and Cook, Kindred with the Cooks Guild

Fairwen is the complete opposite to me (and Cebelia!) She is a very pretty girly girl, with a sunny disposition and a bit ditzy. She is a bit like the character Goldie Hawn plays in the 80’s film Private Benjamin – bubbly, blonde and spoilt who suddenly finds herself in the army. Fairwen is a Hobbit Warden, wardens being the closest thing to a standing army in LotRO. She was originally a minstrel, a class that I enjoy, but then I made Haki and the update came out releasing Rune Keepers and Wardens and so she was remade. I particularly liked the idea of her being a hobbit because everyone seemed to prefer Elf or Man Wardens. I really like Hobbits as a race, but they do seem to be a less popular choice. I suppose this is accurate, Hobbits are the smallest (no pun intended) proportion of people in Middle Earth according to Tolkien. I must admit that I have concentrated on crafting rather than questing with Fairwen, and she is now Supreme Cook and Farmer and Kindred in the Cooks Guild. I think when choosing a craft people tend to go more for the other crafts, Yeoman is a bit less flash than say Weaponsmith, but I find that it is really useful to have a cook, especially after the Guilds were introduced. You just have to look at the prices of critted food on auctions to know that I’m right!


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