Gilforniel Tinduriel

Elf Champion

Currently Level 59

Supreme Master Scholar, Kindred with the Scholars Guild

Gilforniel Tinduriel is translated as Daughter of the North Star and Twilight from Sindarin. I nickname her Gilly for short, as she was a fairly early alt for me. I like all my characters, I like to choose appropriate names for their race, and it was important for me to find a name that meant something to me. I liked the idea of the North Star particularly because I am proud to be from the North of England. Originally I made her as a Lore Master, and even though I liked the character, it just didn’t seem right for Gilly as her character turned out, so she was reincarnated as a Champ, long before the Khazad Guard and Ganin my Dwarf champ was even thought of. Gilly is a quiet, thoughtful and aloof elf maiden, but has developed a special friendship with Tyri, Adams Dwarf Hunter, along the same lines as Legolas and Gimli.  She hails from Rivendell, and the proximity to the knowledge of Master Elrond, trained as a scholar. She is very graceful in her movements, though no less deadly, than Ganin my other Champ who is very much of the ” to hell with it just run in and smack it” school of thought. There is an air of sadness and loneliness about her, and I must admit I haven’t played her in a while, though it is interesting that you can play two of the same classes the same but build them in different ways. I am keeping her to one side while I get used to playing and levelling Ganin, especially as he has a ready-made fellowship with Azaghar, but I fully intend to level her too, though it may take a while. I gave her a makeover, new outfit, weapons and hairstyle because I felt a little guilty that she was put to one side. Adam levelled her a little, alongside my captain on the other account, so she is now into Moria, and heading nicely towards Lothlorien, though she is still my entrepeneur, making a tidy profit selling dyes on the Auction.

Gilly after her makeover


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