Eodraed Einarsson

Man Captain

Currently Level 65

Supreme Master Weaponsmith, Kindred with the Weaponsmiths Guild

I decided I wanted to create a character from Rohan, with the intention of one day being able to acquire kindred reputation with the men of Rohan, walk in Meduseld and acquire a Rohirrim horse. I decided on a Captain as it was a class that seemed useful to a fellowship and pretty appropriate for a man of Rohan given I already had a Champion and Hunter. I picked the name Eodraed as the Anglo-Saxon spelling of a good sounding Rohirrim name. The Einarsson came from a name I used in Viking re-enactment: Einar, with the appropriate early medieval Scandinavian “son of ” ending attached. Indeed if I play with an Oathbreaker Herald, you will note my ghost is names Einar, my  undead father assisting me. How gruesome!
I must say this character languished in the 30’s for some time, mainly because despite being very durable, I found it a pretty boring class to solo. It was really when Skirmishes appeared that I picked him back up and used him more for healing and found a bit more interest in the gameplay. I also teamed up with a Kinmate Champion in the mid 40’s and levelled a good chunk into the 50’s as a pair. A captain makes a great combo with a champion, both complementing each others weaker spots, and drawing out their strengths. This soon sped me through Eregion and into Moria where I found grouping up with kinmates in Moria to be great fun, and really brought the Class to life.

The windswept fells of Enedwaith are the start of Eodraeds journey back to his homeland

He originates from the Westfold, close to Isengard, where he hopes to return one day. Eodraed is quiet, and a modest, competant, and dignified man who is very loyal to his friends and above all his family. He grew very fond of the rangers of Esteldin on his visit to Eriador, and they awarded him one of their fine steeds, which being of Rohirrim stock he readily recognised the importance and quality of. His sister is a fellow captain; Barandis Einarsdottir, travelled north with him, thought she is yet to join him for their journey South back towards home.

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