Barandis Einarsdottir

Woman Captain

Currently Level 61

Master Weaponsmith, Ally with the Weaponsmith Guild

Barandis and Eodraed, children of Einar of the Westfold of Rohan, travelled North from their homes in the fight against the enemy. Barandis is a true warrior maid of Rohan, although she is yet to pick up a shield, and like her brother Eodraed, is a captain skilled in the healing arts and bolstering the courage of those around her. Although born of the Rohirrim, her name is Sindarin, and means Golden maid, alluding to her long blond hair.

Barandis on her Pale Golden Summer Horse

At Bree, her and her brother parted company – Eodraed went on to win renown with the Rangers of Esteldin, and then turned South, on to Eregion, through Moria and beyond. Barandis stayed travelling north, to the Frozen lands of the Lossoth in Forochel, where she stayed for some time, living as part of the community in Suri Kyla. She became so accepted that they counted her as one of their own, an unusual practice of the usually wary and reticent people of Forochel, and granted her a set of exquisite heavy armour of their own fashion.

Barandis displays her Forochel armour

However, as the deeds of the enemy began to make themselves heard even in the Frozen North, Barandis too turned south, staying a while in the House of Elrond, before moving on to Eregion. Afterpassing though Moria and into the dealy Mines of Moria, she stayed for while with the Elves of Lorien, before returning back through the Mines and heading South in the Lands of the Foes of her Country men, the Wild clans of Dunland and Enedwaith.


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