Men’s Names – Bree, Rohan and Dale

This is a list of names drawn from history suitable for Men of Bree, Dale and Rohan.

Men of Bree

These are all English or Anglo-Norman names taken from census and tax documents in England from 1300-1500. They are a mix of common names and archaic forms of names, some of which sound very strange to modern ears, but are perfectly acceptible for use in game.

Old English Names

Benedict Solomon Percival
Joceus Gilbert Ivo
Mathias Piers Yter
Amery Bartholomew Rowland
Simeon Lancelot Wymund
Tobias Alanus Valentine
Ambrose Avery Oswyn
Ranulph Jerome Notekyn
Lawrence Elia Willelmus
Gosselinus Sewallus Agrove

Men of Dale and Rohan

These use Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse influenced names. I have found a few examples of both with their approximate meanings.

Anglo-Saxon names

Abeodan announce Grimme fierce
Aiken oaken Ham home
Aldin defender Halig holy
Alger Noble spearman Hrypa shouting
Anhaga confess Larcwide counsel
Baldlice slayer Leax salmon
Bana bold List cunning
Beaderinc Warrior Magan competent
Bebeodan commands Odel wealthy
Beowolf Intelligent wolf Nyle desire
Betlic splendid Orlege Battle strife
Bron dark Ormod sad
Corey chosen Pleoh danger
Deogol secret Rand Wolf shield
Eadgard Lucky spearman Ryce powerful
Eadward guardian Rypan plunders
Earl chief Slecg hammer
Eldwyn Wise advisor Torht bright
Fairfax blonde Wacian watchful
Famon travels Wissian guide
Gimm gem Yrre anger

Old Norse names

Abiorn/Abjorn Descendants of bears Kaupi merchant
Adalbrand Noble spear Josur hare
Adalrik Wealthy Jor Wild boar
Adalmaekir Noble sword Jorkell prince
Adgils Noble arrow-shaft Jarngrim Iron mask
Afi grandfather Yngvarr/Ivar warrior
Afastr Strong point Hvatar Manly, daring
Aggi Awe/terror Hundi Hound, dog
Aki ancestor Hrutr ram
Alarr whole Ofaeti glutton
Alfgrim Elf mask Onesi esteemed
Alfvardr Elf guard Alfvin/Olfun Elf friend
Ambi Eagle bear Ondottr fierry
Arnketil Elf helm Ormi Dragon, worm
Leikr Weapon-play, battle Ospaki Unruly, wild
Ketil helm Othymir Ruthless man
Lettr unburden Rafan raven
Kvikr lively Sefi Calm, self posessed
Kollr bald Sigar Victorious warrior
Kobbi seal Sigfasti/Sigfastr Firm victory
Ketilhoss Grey helm Sluta To hang down

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