Naming Guides

Anyone who has ever seen this blog will know that I am an unashamed Altoholic, and the advent of Free to Play only makes it easier for me to indulge it. I rolled an alt on the new Withywindle EU server when it first became available, mainly because I couldn’t wait for Eldar our usual server to come online so I could see how many Turbine Points I had in the bank. It had only just come online and there were already 24 people in the Ered Luin starter zone. Adam rolled another Hobbit on Eldar the following day and there were over 70 in the Archet starter zone. This is fantastic, as it shows that the community is growing, and so it is for these new players and anyone else that fancies rolling an alt, that I have prepared this naming guide.

I have always been interested in the names. I want them to sound and feel right for the appropriate race, and it often takes me quite a while to choose a name for my characters. Adam and myself have also been Viking Re-enactors for many years (not so much now with Baby Dwarf, but we will again when he’s a little older). as part of this I have researched Norse and Anglo-Saxon names, which fit in very well for the Race of Man, particularly Rohan, and the Dwarves as Tolkien much of these cultures to inspire and direct his work.

How to Use the Guides

These guides have been laid out into categories for each race, which are accesible via the drop down menus above. they are further split into Gender divisions, except for Dwarves as it’s not considered polite to ask what gender they are. For each one I will go through the naming conventions, the new random name generator suggestions it gave, and my own suggestions. My own suggestions come from the research I have carried out into Old English, Norse, and Saxon names, and also Elvish names. Name suggestions for Men and Women of Gondor are in the Elf section as they all use Sindarin conventions.

In addition there is now also a suggestion for naming loremasters pets.


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