Dwarf Minstrel

Currently Level 75

Supreme Master Explorer, Kindred with the Tailors Guild

Haki is my Dwarf minstrel, and heir to the Lorship of the Khazad Guard, being Izbaruks Sister-son. He is of the same generation as Azbarak, them being cousins, although I think that he looks a lot younger than he actually is. (I like to play long beards as being middle-aged and older dwarfs, and short beards as more ‘modern’ dwarfs). Haki comes across to me as being a bit of a wild card. He is loyal, mischievous, with a weird sense of humour and often a bit reckless. The reckless characteristic is probably because I get used to playing a Tank, and when I switch to minstrel I still try to grab all the aggro, by nuking stuff in Warspeech! He is a very much battle-bard specced healer and is often being told in fights to stopped beating on orcs and drop the other two a few heals! Haki’s idea of healing is to smack things really hard – if the mobs are dead, he doesn’t have to heal. Think of him as a Champ with a drum.

Haki, Izbaruk and Anlafski help out Gimli in the Misty Mountains

 Haki is a Supreme and Kindred tailor, and I play him solely in the trio with Izbaruk and our friends character Anlafski. It is amazing just what can be done with two tanks and a healer, I’m often surprised at what the three of us can do successfully. To date there have been very few wipes, which is great, but I must say it is taking me a very long time to complete my resurrection deed, I might need to get them to go do some Trestlebridge suicide jumps at some point. As we get closer to Mordor we forsee a reassigning of this trio for other members of the Khazad Guard, but will probably always explore new content with a trio of Dwarves.

The Khazad Guard Live Gig at the Forsaken Inn

Both Izbaruk, as Lord of the Khazad Guard, and Haki, his successor (the Lordship of the Khazad Guard is unfortunately for Azbarak always of the male line) are World Renowned. Haki and Izbaruk were joined in Dunland by Vithar Gvmpson, or Forest, who skill with the bow and at tracking has enabled them great success, whilst Anlafski forms the back bone of the Moria defence until reinforcements arrive. They currently form the forefront of the Khazad Guards assault on the enemy.

Haki tries not to let his mind wander at the Council of Elrond


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