What is The Khazad Guard?

Who are the Khazad Guard?

Firstly we should say that we are both very very chronic sufferers of Altoholism as you will see from our other pages. The first characters we created were a Man Champion for Adam, and a Dwarf Guardian for Emma which we have levelled side by side from level 0 to the first level cap of 50, then 60, and now 65, but It became obvious fairly soon that this was not going to be enough, and the altoholism began. We each created characters from all the classes and races (and we have 3 accounts between the two of us- yes its that bad!). We noticed after a few that we had (particularly in Emmas case) a penchant for the Dwarven folk! After a friend of ours who introduced us to the game made a dwarf alt, we decided to start our own fun kinship to facilitate our growin Dwarf problem, and the Khazad Guard was born.

We decided that we would make the kinship just for the three of us; totally fun with no real aspirations otherwise, and most importantly- DWARF ONLY! Initially we each picked a signature colour for our Dwarfs, but then we decided to create a Guard uniform for when on active duty. This took a while searching through mob trash, vendor items and crafted gear, but eventually we found a combo we liked in a colour we liked, and most importantly we all could wear; from light armours to heavy. So if you are on the European Eldar server and you see three matching Dwarfs charging around on three goats; thats us! We do often get players stop in their tracks as we scoot by, some think we are NPC’s, or on some kind of official player event.

Using the crafting professions of our other characters we try to keep them outfitted in the very finest of equiptment stats wise, and by levelling their own crafting they soon became self sufficient. Naturually to keep the kin alive we have all made several Dwarf alts in every available Dwarf class to fill up the kinship requirement, and last year we finally purchased ourselves a kinhouse, which Emma has delighted in being the designer for, but is still very much a work in progress.

Our three main Dwarfs are Izbaruk, Anlafski, and Haki. Izzy being Adams Guardian, Haki Emmas Minstrel, and Anlafski another Guardian of a good friend of ours Mike. At around level 15 or so we got together and synchronised all our quests so we were all at exactly the same place and since then have levelled together, usually one evening once every fortnight, up to level 60 in Caras Galadhon where they are currently resting. To set ourselves little challenges along the way we have attempted to 3 man all the content we have come across, on level. In paces this has been easy enough, but we have had some great fun from the Barrows and Dol Dinen, to Evendim and Angmar, with quests such as ‘An Ancient Lair’ in Malenhad,  ‘Arnmoth the Exacting’ in Forochel, and the old pre-SOM Epic Volume 1, Book 2 to challenge us. Hopefully we can see how far we can continue this fun in the future with some of the instances in Moria and beyond.

Over time we have, and continue to, develop the story of the Khazad Guard. It has to be said not every one of our members is quite as enthusiastic about the History and quasi-role play aspect of the group, but we all enjoy the unique and fun take on the game a Dwarven kinship with a strong indentity and history brings.

Alongside the adventures of these three we have also been levelling the other members of the Guard in pairs and solo. And we now have a healthy complement of different characters. Along the way we have been joined by a few like minded friends in Middle Earth. Indeed we now have enough players to fill a Fellowship! We do not actively recruit, but are not closed to possible members joining. We are a very small and friendly group, but we are not on all the time and unless you are very happy soloing, may find it a little lonely!

Hopefully we’ll have the time to keep you up to date with the adventures of the dwarves.

Thanks for reading,  Adam and Emma

  1. Ever thought of expanding the kinship and letting in a few other dwarf lovers? 🙂

    • We have considered applications before, the main thing is that there are not many of us, and we are a close knit group, so most people will just be soloing a lot of the time and found it lonely compared to a normal busy kinship, so it hasn’t really worked out, but we’d never say never!

      Some old fella did once try to talk to us about a hobbit burglar, but we weren’t convinced. 😀

  2. I like this kin, what server is it on?

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