Emsibelle Harbottle

Hobbit Guardian

Currently Level 22

Master Tinker

Ever since I first saw the Moria radiance armour a few years ago (although radiance has now been removed) I wanted it. I got it on Azbarak, and it looks awesome, but from that moment I wanted a little girl Hobbit Guardian, and Emsibelle was born. The name Emsibelle is a slightly Hobbity version of my own name, and Harbottle is a Hobbit sounding second name, which I found when researching my Family Tree.

I began to level up my second Tank, but fortunately for me an update brought out Shared Storage and Wardrobes, so luckily I could use Azbarak’s  armour, and not wait until Emsi got to Moria. That been said, Emsi is all ready to go level, but at the minute she is not my priority for playing.

Emsibelle on her new Anniversary Mount

Emsibelle was just a Barmaid at the Floating Log in Frogmorton when she decided to drop it all and join the Bounders, the Shires answer to a Police Force. She had plenty of time to think in her job, because many of the folk around Frogmorton seemed to go to the nearby Green Dragon Inn in Bywater for their victuals, or even further into the Ivy Bush at Hobbiton, and so the Floating Log was a fairly quiet drinking establishment.

She travelled to Michael Delving, and from there went all over the Shire, battling wolves and spiders, infiltrating Goblin Camps in Brockenborings, finding lost chickens, sorting out the Postal system, and investigating cases of spoiled pies. She became very well-known around the Shire and rose up the hierarchy of the Bounders, eventually becoming Honorary Shirrif.

She was asked to travel on to Bree and introduce herself to the Mayor, who then introduced her to his Watchers, and for them she went on many quests around Bree, even making a foray into the Barrow Downs, where she met an unusual character called Tom Bombadil. As the quests were becoming increasingly more difficult, she asked around and was directed to go and visit the Dwarves over in Thorin’s Hall, where she would be able to get some new armour. So off she went, acquiring a flashy new steed on the way.

Her luck was in and whilst there she met a fellow Guardian Azbarak, who also turned out to be a girl, who loaned her an exquisite set of rose dyed armour of Durins Guard, Azbarak much preferring to wear her purple dyed armour. At the moment Emsibelle is staying in Thorins Hall, undergoing the training of a Tinker, learning from the Dwarfs there the art of turning ore into ingots and polishing jewels. She may well be residing with the Dwarfs for some time, as they have much to teach her, but in time she too will follow in the footsteps of Azbarak.


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