Man Champion

Currently Level 75

Supreme Master Metalsmith, Kindred with the Metalsmiths Guild

This was the first character I created, a man champion. I am often hot-headed, and known to rush into things in a whirl of  enthusiasm then think I should have more back up plans, so the champions; ‘get stuck in with your blades and screw defence’ style appeals directly to that side of me! I have enjoyed playing all the classes, but I feel most at home on my champ and tend to regard him as if he was me, but in middle earth.

Mag Hardhammer; Elgalandirs adopted father

Elgalandir is a man of Bree by upbringing, though he has no idea of his parentage. He was brought up by Mag Hardhammer of Combe, who found him left on the doorstep of his forge on evening. Mag named him Adam, and he was brought up as his son, an learned the art of metalsmithing. As Adam grew into his teens he took to wandering the downs and Chetwood on Starlit evenings and in doing so met the rangers of Eriador, who named him El-galrandir (Star Shine Wanderer). He befriended the rangers, and would help them as oft he could, and took upon himself the name they gave him. As the lands about Bree grew more and more dangerous, he learned the arts of the blade, and bow, and proved a stalwart ally to the rangers.

His name was corrupted into the common speech as Elgalandir (even Eggy to his friends), and this is how he is known throught Bree-land. As tiem grew more and more dangerous, and the rangers began to become more and more overwhelmed, he spent more time aiding them where he could. Strider the chieftain of the Dunedain took him into confidence, and when the fight finally came to Bree-land and Archet was attacked, Elgalandir finally left his home to persue the enemy.

It was in Combe shortly after the attack on Archet that Elgalandir met Azbarak the dwarf. The two became fast friends, and such was the extent of their friendship, Azbarak even finally told Eggy she was a girl. Elgalandir adventures with his friend Azbarak most the time, and the two have fought the enemy ceaslessly from Breeland, to Angmar, and through Moria, into Mirkwood, and beyond.


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