Emma’s Alts

Hi I’m Emma… and I’m an Altoholic.Firstly, LotRO is my first MMO. I have never really been interested in gaming enough to get into them, but when a friend suggested playing, I thought I’d give it a go; at least for the free trial…. and now its two years later and I’m hooked. It has got to the point where both Adam and I enjoy this game so much that we have a LotRO account each and one that we share, with the 10 alts each and some spares on Eldar, lets not even go into other servers but yeah we do have them.

I don’t generally like roleplay, but what intrigues me most about playing LotRO is that all the alts we create seem to have very distinct personalities, and attitudes towards the things we do in game, often quite accidentally. Possibly theyre part of us? Perhaps we can call it a form of e-schizophrenia. Either way it fascinates me that personalities and character back stories seem to suggest themselves to our characters.

So here I am, the non role-playing, non-gamer, with a lifetime subscription to LotRO and a bunch of alts with their own unique personalitites… go work it out! That being said I thought I’d introduce you to some of my alter egos…

If you click on the names in the drop down menu above, you can explore some of the characters I play in Lord of the Rings Online.

Thanks for reading!


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