Tyri Little bottom off duty

Dwarf Hunter

Currently Level 75

Supreme Master Woodworker, Kindred with the Woodworkers Guild

Tyri was the third character I created. I initially was going to play him in a group of three, but that eventually didn’t happen so I have mainly just solo’d him. I have been doing a lot of skirmishes with him especially, and he fights with his dwarf protector Flossi, who usually does a fine job of keeping aggro off him, though sometimes a little encouragement is needed, as with all soldiers. I wanted a hunter to play in the group because I find it very easy playing hunter whilst leading runs, as the basic job of pew pew, and a few roots/fears is pretty simple and easy to do alongside. I choose a dwarf hunter, because it was a far from the ‘elf hunter’ visage as possible which never really appealed to me. The class is not my favourite, but I love the character of Tyri, so hopefully I can return to him soon.

Tyri is a grisled veteran hunter and tracker. In his younger days he was grim character, fearsome in battle, and dangerous to cross. The years have mellowed Tyri to a much more sedate middle-aged dwarf, though the lines on his face and his competence with his crossbow indicate he’s still someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. He is a proud member of the Khazad Guard and often wears the uniform, though when he is out in the wilds he will often be seen in more utilitarian clothing. He and older dwarf is the Elder brother of Fluzi, though much more of a loner than his brother.


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