Loremaster Pets

I really enjoyed writing my general naming guide for in game characters, and a guide for Lore Master pets has been on my mind for some time. Not only do I like to have my alts with appropriate names, as my LM has progressed I like my pets to also have an appropriate name. Having two Jewellers myself, and Adam also having two Jewellers, we have tried to collect the full set of cosmetic appearances for our pets. At level 25 we only have the Raven and Bear usuable, but we do have all of them ready and waiting.

Now I’m not being dictatorial about this, name your characters and pets whatever you like. I’ve seen bears called Bungle (the bear from the U.K kids TV show Rainbow) and Eagles called Sam (come on, you all know the Muppet Show, right?) tortoises called Nornuan and bog-lurkers called Bogbrush. I’ve even seen Captains Oathbreaker Shades called LookAtMeImSeeThrough. I’m fine with this, if thats your thing. This is just a little guide put together for those of you who like knowing you have aproprate Middle Earth names, and would maybe like a few suggestions.

These names are all derived from Sindarin, or Quenyan, which I have shown with a (Q) next to it, and I have separated them out into the main LM pet groups – Raven, Bear, Lynx, Eagle, Sabrecat and Bog-lurker, and they are based on the pets characteristics and possible cosmetic appearance. Have a look at Casual Stroll to Mordors excellent visual guide on all the possible appearances of LM pets.

Raven -Blood, Frost, Mottled, Storm, Weathered

  • Yar – Blood
  • Silveth – Shining White
  • Seregellan – Friend in Blood
  • Wista – Fair
  • Imilneth – Sparrow
  • Oldur – Servant of the Wand
  • Hensaleth – Wise Eyes
  • Hinalagon – Stormy Eyes
  • Tolthalion – Son of the Summons

Bear – Black, Polar, Wildpaw, Tundra Cub, Blackpaw, Weathered

  • Morfineth – Black Hair
  • Balcardil – Powerful Tooth
  • Lossehen – Snow Child
  • Verie (Q)- Bold
  • Bruidal – Noisy Foot
  • Merce (Q)- Fierce
  • Helegon – Icy Cold
  • Balchamp – Cruel Claw
  • Maita (Q)- Hungry
  • Orchereg – Orc Blood
  • Vanimore (Q)- Dark Beauty
  • Rodothor – Great Warrior

Lynx – Onyx, Spotted, Grey, Tundra, Mountain

  • Mithdal – Silver Foot
  • Forothdil – Silent Hunter
  • Pelfaroth – Encircling Hunter
  • Nylecca (Q)- Onyx
  • Curudae – Skilled Shadow
  • Hithfaer – Mist Spirit
  • Belan – Powerful Gift
  • Gornien – Impulsive
  • Maegordir – Of the Sharp Mountain
  • Nurtale (Q)- Hiding
  • Trewath – Slender Shadow
  • Talagor – Fast Foot
  • Autha (Q) – Apparition
  • Naice (Q)- Sharp Pain
  • Daengoroth – Shadow of Horror

Eagle – Ashen, Ember, Snowcrest, Tundra

  • Aikandro – Sharp Flame
  • Helcie (Q)- Icy
  • Ruindal – of the Red Flame
  • Hemaeg – Sharp Eyes
  • Telpendu – Flash from on High
  • Henduanna (Q)- Given Eyes
  • Yula (Q) – Ember
  • Huriel – Fiery Spirit
  • Aradu – King of the Skies
  • Sorantar – Eagle
  • Selecheneb – Wise Eyed
  • Alarca – Swift
  • Ringa (Q) – Cold
  • Serecampa (Q) Blood Hook
  • Orien – Of the Dawn

Sabrecat- Dusky, Spotted, Grey, Deepwood, Striped, Onyx

  • Hithien – Dusk
  • Toronthalion- Strong King
  • Lomiel- Daughter of the Dusk
  • Carahir – Lord of Fangs
  • Mistie (Q)-Grey
  • Bamorien – Dark Beauty
  • Borinon – Boldness
  • Hinluin – Blue Eyed
  • Carcaroth – Hunter of Fangs
  • Bregoth – Fierce
  • Gurugaran – Red Death
  • Fuinhir – Shadow Lord

Bog-Lurker, Mountain, Swamp, Tundra

  • Runda (Q) – Rough Wood
  • Valandur – Power of Trees
  • Esgeth – Rustle of Leaves
  • Sirdal – River Foot
  • Didor – Woman of Woods
  • Celeblas – Silver Leaf
  • Ragoreth – Slothful
  • Naresce (Q) -Rustle of Leaves
  • Fasse – Tangled
  • Tauca (Q) Wooden
  • Oreg -Bloody Thorn

These are just a few suggestions, above and beyond this there are infinite amounts of approiate lore based names which you could base on a characteristic of the pet. Adam named his Black bear Orod (Mountain), as he was huge and dark like a mountain. Its something fun I always enjoy so try it for yourself, I hope these have been of some use!



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