Elf Loremaster

Currently Level 41

Grand Master Jeweler

Feaglin was my second attempt at levelling a loremaster. I still have my first loremaster, also an elf, named Feangol, whom I got to level 32 on our shared account, before additional character slots were purchasable. Emma and I decided we would both try a loremaster again, and I made the choice to begin again from the scratch on my main account, as I had purchased a few character slots when they were on offer.

Feaglin is an Noldor Elf from Lindon. His character is still in development, so I am not sure where he will go in future, but currently he is a very noble and ancient elf, with an extreme hatred for the enemy whom he has been at the forefront of fighting for thousands of years. He is also very learned in lore and jewelcraft, and remembers the glory of the elf craft that was.


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