Dwarf Name Components

The following is a list of naming conventions for Dwarves, based on a list from an old RPGA magazine a friend dug out for me. The lists are separated into Prefixes (name beginnings) and Suffixes (the endings), to help understand a little about what is behind the name. The idea is to use one from each table to create the name, although some names work just as well with just a prefix, and some may need an extra consonant to make the name more appealing to you.

I cannot say just how exact this guide is in relation to Tolkiens work, thought it is broadly accurate I have not gone into great detail to check them all. However, given he wrote so little about the language of dwarves, it does provide a good grounding in where to start naming your Dwarf characters with some appropriate words.

It also worth checking out this excellent article by Haakon Stormbrow over on A Casual Stroll to Mordor, who goes into great detail on taking the known from Tolkien and expanding it in a logical and appropriate manner!


Dwarf Name Parts and their Meanings – Prefixes
Al -all Durinn- sleeper Khazad – of dwarfs Ori – furious
Andvari -breeze Eiken – oaken Kheled- glass Shathur- cloudy
Ann – blade Farin – travelled one Kibil – silver Skjald – shield
Aust – east Fili- file Kili – wedge Sognir- roaring
Anzanul- shadow valley Fimbul- great Litr- ruddy Suthri – south one
Bal -burning Forn – ancient Lofars – stooper Thekkr – beloved
Baraz – red Frar – swift Maeztr- master Thrasir – eager
Bard – battle-axe Frosti – frosty Marzabul – records Thjf – thief
Baruk- axes Fund – found Mim – think Thorinn – bold
Blain -black Gim- fire Nbli- axel Thror -boar
Bofurr – knave Ginnar – deciever Nar- corpse Vargr- wolf
Bomburr – bulging Glo- glow Nithi- old moon Vestri – west one
Bori – borer Gro – grow Nipingr- pinch Viggr – spear
Brand -sword, torch Hannar – skilled Nothri – north one Vind- windy
Bund (u) -head Hepti – handle Nyi- new moon Virfir – dyer
Dainn -dead-like Hor – high Nyr – new Vitr – wise
Dolg- battle Horn- horn Oinn- fearful Zinbar – peak
Dufr- nodder Jari- warrior Onarr- starer Zirak – mountain


Dwarf Name Suffixes

-(h)le – shelter
-in(n) – ing
-i(s) – one
-nala – river
-ri – one
-u – of

Happy Naming!


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