Dandilyon Burdock

Bounder Boffin hides behind Dandilyon when confronted by a Nazgul

Hobbit Minstrel

Currently Level 7


I have no idea who Dandilyon will turn out to be once I get around to levelling her. Haki is my main minstrel, but with Dandilyon, I now have a full set of little Hobbit ladies, one for each class available to them. She is named after one of my favourite fizzy drinks; Dandelion and Burdock. She is currently still seeing the sights of the thriving metropolis that is Michel Delving (or as it seems to a young hobbit from Little Delving) and will probably be staying on there for quite some time.

I just hope she turns out to be a more compassionate healer than Haki has done!


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