Women’s Names- Bree, Rohan and Dale

This is a list of names drawn from history suitable for the Women folk of Bree, Dale and Rohan. Some of the names may make the GM’s think twice- I’ll leave it up to you to decide which they are.

Women of Bree

These are all English or Anglo-Norman names taken from census and tax documents in England from 1300-1500. They are a mix of common names and archaic forms of names, some of which sound very strange to modern ears, but are perfectly acceptible for use in game.

Old English Names

Beatrice Sibil Mahelt Sarra
Helewise Avice Petronilla Ascelina
Isolda Sabina Basilia Albrea
Ada Idonea Eustacis Gunnora
Alina Clarice Goda Lecia
Amphelisa Albreda Barbata Avegaya
Belina Comitessa Floria Ivetta
Nesta Wymecca Aca Blitha
Berengaria Auda Chera Claremunda
Cuntessa Dulcia Desiderata Euphemia
Flandrina Grecia Joye Imenia
Henna Mabba Melcana Olencia
Orabil Sarotha Slima Theda
Truca Ymanea Yselina Pinc

Women of Dale and Rohan

These use Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse influenced names. I have found a few examples of both with their approximate meanings.

Anglo Saxon Names

Aedre stream Linette/Lynette bird
Aerlene elfin Lora Small sage one
Alodia wealthy Mae kinswoman
Andswaru answer Odelia/Odelyn Little wealthy one
Annis Unity Ora money
Bemia/Beomia Battle maid Rowenna White haired one
Bisgu cares Sibley friendly
Bysen unique Sunn Gift of the sun
Cearo sorrow Synnove sunny
Cwen/Cwene queen Tayte bright
Cyst best Udele wealthy
Daedbot penance Willa desired
Darelle Tenderly loved Wilone Hoped for
Eacnung Bears children Wylie enchanting
Eadignes bliss Wilda wild
Eadlin princess Hildegard Warrior woman
Eadit/Edith joyous Aelswith Elf gift
Elette Little elf Erna shy
Esme Kind defender Leola Swift like a deer
Hild/Hilda war Idonea She who works
Kendra prophetess Ymma nurse

Old Norse Names

Aerindis Eagle spirit Birna she-bear
Aesa To incite war Borga To help
Afridor beautiful Daegmar famous
Aldis fortune Domhildr judgement
Aelfdis Elf spirit Edla noble
Alfrun Hidden knowledge Eirny clemence
Almveig powerful Fiolmoth courageous
Alvi priestess Folkvi warrior
Amma grandmother Geira spear
Arnkatla Eagle helm Ginna To enchant
Arnfrith love Geisli Sun beam
Asny new Hjordis Sword woman
Bera bear Jodis Horse mistress
Bergljot Protection, Langlif Long life
Ljot Giving light Manhildr Strength in war
Osk To wish Randve Shield maiden
Rjupa ptarmigan Sefa tranquil

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