Nothing to see here!

We have noticed recently many of LOTRO’s older blogs that sprang up around the same time as we did, have slowly begun to close, reduce their content, or just casually drift off, including of course A Casual Stroll to Mordor who were the original inspiration for us to start this blog, nearly 3 and a half years ago. Many, like CSTM, are still carrying on in some form, and LOTRO still has several blogs and sites out there to cater to a new players needs.

Our ethos at the Khazad Guard has always been very clear, we had no intention of being a news site and our posts, guides, and topics would wax and wane with our interest in, and interests within, the game. We kept our focus here quite deliberately on LOTRO alone as I have a number of blogs for our other interests, and in this instance the KG blog was to record some specific parts of our gaming activities for ourselves and those who found them of interest, and as a little sounding board for the game and its topics, as frankly I have nearly always found forums to be fairly difficult places to indulge in any meaningful discussions or find any useful information. On this basis, inevitably the blog would be something that would be one day ‘finished’, rather than perpetual.

We have of course had breaks before, of a month or two, and gaps between posts, but we haven’t any articles here since April, and more pertinently this time haven’t really logged onto LOTRO in that time, save perhaps to pick up a hobbit present and log off again, and an odd Khazad Guard Dwarf event. We are, of course, lifetimers and as such the luxury of the full game is open to us whenever we fancy, but frankly we haven’t felt particularly compelled to play recently, and haven’t even looked inside the new Wildermore region.

We have been still gaming quite prolifically, and I have taken advantage of some deals on Steam to finally get stuck into Skyrim, which I have managed to sink over 60 hours into in a month (and am obsolutely loving!), and my lifetime hobby of Formula one and Rally simulators with a German Fanatec Wheel is still chewing away at several hours a week. I have also played and enjoyed Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Napoleon: Total War, Lord of the Rings Lego, and finally played a bit of Marvel Heroes with the ‘not so baby anymore’ Dwarf.

However, for the forseeable future we can’t see ourselves getting stuck back into LOTRO in any significant way. As a result we are not closing down the Khazad Guard, but we are using this opportunity to announce that there is ‘nothing to see here’ and might not be for sometime. If we have survived the last 3 months on any ones blogroll, please feel free to remove us, as what little interest we provided will be severely reduced from here on.

We are of course, interested to see what happens with the Helms Deep expansion, and it is pretty certain we will purchase it in some fashion when it arrives, and work our way through the content. Perhaps that might inspire us to begin posting again, but for the time being, s’long, and thanks for the fish.

Anyone looking for some good blogs to follow pertaining to LOTRO and gaming in general would probably find the following blogs and podcasts of interest:


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  1. That’s a shame, as I quite like some of the Guard’s posts! I myself lost my interest in lotro a bit as well (which I honestly thought would never happen, seeing that I played the game since launch). Let’s hope on a better future with Helms Deep!

  2. valgorlim an old friend no reply needed but ithough that funny.

    Hopefully lotro will raise the bar once more.. I hear beta will be closed but due to the the nda I cannot comment but that said im not involved lol..
    But all joking aside when lotro had pro alpha and beta testers we had a better game.

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