The Khazad Guard

The Khazad Guard

In this section you will find (eventually) all the information about the Khazad Guard, Who they are, their family trees, their extended biography, and why we as players set them up. This as with everything else is taking us some time to do, especially as I want to ensure I get the history as correct as I can, but please feel free to check back occasionally as we are working on new information all the time, and tweaking and editing little bits to refine the information. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to email or comment and we’ll do what we can to incorporate it, or explain why we did things differently.


Who are the Khazad Guard: they kinship and why we created it?

Khazad Guard Biography Part 1: The Nírnaeth Arnoediad and the Founding of the Khazad Guard

Khazad Guard Biography Part 2:

Khazad Guard Birography Part 3:

Khazad Guard Family Tree:

  1. valgorlim an old friend no reply needed but ithough that funny.

    lol adam/emma I spotted a quest in neverwinter a quest called Where has all the rum gone?
    Im guesing that might raise a smile.

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