Elgilas Taurandir

Elf Warden

Currently Level 50

Grand Master Weaponsmith, Kindred with the Weaponsmiths Guild

The Warden class has always appealed to me, yet somehow it always seems to be a class like my burglar that I leave with the intention of coming back to, and end up forgetting. Elgilas is currently my highest Elf character, as I am not much of a fan of the elves. I always found them, as Sam would put it; a bit beyond my likes and dislike likes so to speak, and as such very heard to identify with. None the less, I am beggining to work on a story for Elgilas, and I hope to embelish it as and when I play him more.

Elgilas is a Sindarin Elf from Mirkwood, less noble perhaps than those of higher birth, but a dauntless foe to the enemy, and particularly against those of the dark lord that would corrupt him beloved woodlands. His full name is Elgilas Taurandir, the surname meaning Woodland Wanderer, and as his name suggests he is most at home wandering in the forests of Middle Earth by the light of the Spray of Stars.


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