Quickslot Guides

O.K so I am an uber geek about this kind of stuff, actually geek doesn’t even start to cover it! I love to see how people lay out their quickslot bars, especially with regard to skill functionality and rotations. I am, as you may have guessed, a button clicker. I heard a lot of mixed stuff about using keyboards, clickin with mice, but if it works for you then go for it!

Laying out a quicklot is such a personal thing as it relys on each individuals way of thinking and referencing material. If you are like my wife then laying out your bars is often based on the: ‘there is a space, that’ll do’ approach, but it works for her so each to their own. I on the other hand, can develop whole levels of nerdage about it, quite frankly left uncontrolled I could probably reach frightening gant chart/spreadsheet levels! So given I’m probably addressing a minority audience I shall embark on a break down of how I lay out my quickslots by a combination of skill type and rotation/use accessibility! I think these can often be usefull to people new to the class or new to grouping with regard to how to layout the rather bewildering array of skills, especially if you are a  mouse clicker like me, as opposed to keyboard based.

I’m planning to do similar posts for all Classes eventually, but so far champion, Burglar, Captain, and rune-Keeper are my level 65 characters. I will add others as I hit level cap with them… maybe not my Warden though, I can’t get all nerded about layouts with flow charts and stuff for 4 buttons and a few javelin skills.


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