Family Tree of the Lordship of the Khazad Guard

The following document appears to date to the first quarter of the Fourth millennium, sometime in the years before the Fall of Sauron, at the end of the Third Age. This dating is suggested by the dates of the individuals present and alive, but also that there are key events involving the Khazad Guard incorporated into the chart, yet the events of the years 3018-9 are not present. We know from other documents that the Khazad Guard were indeed heavily involved in the final defeat of Sauron, so would seem likely that these be added if it was drawn up after this.

According to the Legend in the lower right, the chart records; Broadbeam(s) of Izaghal Azaghalul. This crude inscription, is taken to mean, Broadbeam heirs/descendants of Izaghal son of Azaghal. It then appears to be a branch of this family tree showing the lord and heir of the Khazad Guard and their close blood descendants. It is written in a base form of crude Cirth runes (with some runes from the Moria variants), though there are numerous problems with certain spellings or runes, which may be the fault of the scribe, or indeed a previously unknown variant on the Cirth script. The name in Red in the lower right corner appears to read Flokki, presumably the scribe in question, though Flokki himself is not present on this tree, and may have been an employed scribe, or a more distantly related dwarf. There is also translations of the mannish names (of course dwarves would never reveal their true names), into Westron with some dates and key events also written in Westron. These appear to be original, and not later additions, which is interesting as it implies the document was intended for a purpose where this would be nessecary.

The Lord of the Khazad Guard at this time is know to be Izbaruk, son of Azbaruk, and his heir was Haki, son of Thrukdis (Izbaruks sister). The fascinating thing about this chart is that not only are two dwarf women present; Azbarak, and Thrukdis, but that it is clear that the Khazad Guard lineage is not strictly down the Eldest Male line. We can see that Izbaruk actually has an older brother; Azagan, who himself has male heirs, yet this line has not inherited, instead the Lordship was passed to Izbaruk, Azbaruks second son. Izbaruk himself only has a daughter; Azbarak, who in turn has a son; Ganin, yet neither of these have inherited (presuming the could), instead the heir apparent is Izbaruks Sister-son; Haki. Clearly the lineage is important to the inheritance (the existance of this chart alone suggests as much), yet what indeed the criteria are we can only guess at, as the evidence may have been esoteric, perhaps based upon deeds, actions, or some other factor invisible to us now.

The ages of the dwarves are intersting in themselves. Azbaruk and Izagan; the immediate descendants of this branch of the family, both met unnatural ends. Azbaruk is noted as being killed at the Battle of Nanduhirion, noted here as Dimrill Dale, at 207, presumably one of the burned dwarves of legend. Izagan is listed as being killed by Smaug in 2770, when the dragon attacked Erebor; the Lonely Mountain, though at this time he was a good age at 278.

Azagan, especially appears to be incredibly old for a dwarf at appraching 300 years old; depending on the date of the document, though we know from records that Dwalin, son of Fundin, brother of Balin, lived to 340 years old, so is not without prescedent. Izbaruk himself is well over 250, which is the average life expectancy of most dwarves, with Tyri appraching 250 too, though both appear from various sources to have been active at this time. There are a few middle aged dwarves between 100-200; Fluzi, Azbarak, and Haki, and a number under a 100 years old; Azaghar, Ganin, Hain and Dralli (appear to be twins) and Bimbli/Bimbili.

(This is an updated document, with the weird waxy marks, and yellow tinge removed- thanks for pointing them out Miriam!)

  1. This is really an awesome document. If I may make an aesthetic suggestion though – at least for the WEB version of this document – go in with photoshop or some other editing software and remove the pencil lines and that bit of white-out 😉 Stunning edge designs and “aging”! Looks like something out of a Tolkien book.

    • Thats not actually white-out believe it or not, it is wax! I have no idea why the scanner distorted its colour like that, it does want adjusting, I acutally noticed it also has a visible bit near the top of the Smaug strap I noticed just now! Well spotted, obviously paying close attention! 🙂

      I know what you mean about to markout lines, but I quite like them as I get to handle orginal documents that are very old as part of my job, and you often see the laying out grids and lines on them, so I quite like it from that point of view, it gives it a sort of authenticity!

      Thanks you for the kind comments!

  2. Document looks genuine to me 🙂 I agree completely about the layout lines. The aging and folds are fantastic. You say you handle historic documents in RL. Do you also forge them? 🙂

    This is marvelous! Thanks for revealing this important piece of history.

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