Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Khazad Guard Baby Boom II

Just a quick note to say congratulations to Aulin and his Mrs, on the birth of their baby boy, and Aulinburr on his new baby brother. We all hope that he’s happy and healthy and of course a sleeper!

That brings the Khazad Guards total to 5 babies in 3 years! If this game lasts long enough for all the kids to gain their fine motor skills, then we will have a very formidable All-Dwarf Army!

Let the Raiding begin!

(We don’t have a piccie of the new baby, so here’s one of our own Baby Dwarf, and Baby Dwarf the Younger).



Screenshot: Nan Sirannon Sky

Just a quick screenshot to share. Logged on Ganin this morning to check some post and realised was still in Eregion, after farming some ore. Well, the baby was asleep and the boy was working his way through a chocolate cake and was very quiet. So, I figured I’d mine a little more ore while I had a few minutes peace. I really wasn’t paying attention to the landscape, just focusing on my mini map to find the ore nodes. After mining a Khazad copper, I glanced up and saw this.



Pretty impressive! That’s one of the reasons that I love this game so much – there’s always something to look at.

Oh well, the boys cake is finished and the baby’s awake, time to get back to real life.